DeSean Jackson On Redskins: 'I Definitely Do Want To Be Here'

The free agent receiver spoke Thursday about his hopes. Yes, the Redskins are involved, but business is business.

There's been reports of a return to Philadelphia. There was an Instagram post many inferred showed some level of displeasure with the organization he played for the past three seasons. Now there's an television interview with free agent DeSean Jackson in which the wide receiver makes his plans clear.

Jackson joined Redskins radio voice Larry Michael on Thursday's edition of "Redskins Nation." 

"I know how much your teammates like you here and I've been around you for a few years," Michael said. "You're a great edition to this team. There's nothing negative. It's all positive, it's all good. Business notwithstanding, you want to be here, right?

"I definitely do want to be here," responded Jackson, who led the NFL in yards per catch last season. 

Breaking Burgundy previously reported of a growing sense that neither Jackson nor Garcon might return next season. Both are in line for lucrative contracts, along with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Jackson's next deal might be in the eight-figure per year range. 

Jackson is among 14 unrestricted free agents from last season's team. While team officials, including team president Bruce Allen have spoken publicly on their desire to keep Cousins, they've largely been mum on the others.

“We’ve built the camaraderie, we’re very close to being a championship-winning team,” Jackson said. “So as long as we’re able to keep the [pieces] to the puzzle together. … They’ve got a huge task in front of them, speaking on the front office here. But somehow, some way, if they can make it happen, I think this team and this group of guys we have together could be very special down the road.”

The receiver has been a consistent presence at Redskins Park since the season ended with the Jan. 1 loss to the New York Giants, according to a source. Jackson posted a picture of him working out in Ashburn Wednesday.

As for whether the two sides can work out a deal...

"The biggest thing I can say is that that numbers and production speak for themselves," Jackson continued. "Obviously, I do want to still be here. My family, my house. I have everything here. I don't want to be in a transaction, moving. ...First things first. I do want to be here. Hopefully, we can make it work. Once again, this is a business. The NFL. things happen. I'm just really excited about the opportunity I have to sit back -- Now the ball is in my corner a little bit. I can sit back and say, 'Let's see what we can do. Two-year, three-year, four-year deal? Maybe a 10 - ha.'

"I'll let my agent take care of all that. I'm ready to sit back and whenever the offers come in, take the best offer, but obviously I do want to be here."

Washington signed the speedster in 2014 after a falling out with the Eagles.

"I felt coming from Philadelphia, the image they put out on me, I think I've had three years to go out there and prove to everybody that, no, he's not that type of guy. He's a team guy.Obviously, he loves to get the ball. What receivers do you know or want on your team that don't want to get the ball? As far as how I am around the locker room and with my teammates, I think I've proven and shown everybody. I haven't gotten in trouble off the field. I've done everything. A family man. I'm just a man about business who wants to go out there and keep producing, really."

Another free agent, defensive lineman Chris Baker, addressed his situation on social media moments after the Jackson interview aired.

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