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Overreaction Theater: Pierre Garcon Reveals Exit Via Social Media, Or, No?

The latest on upcoming free agent Pierre Garcon includes some actual updates and some mockery after a social media post takes off.

Pierre Garcon posted a picture on his Instagram account Monday morning. In news surprising to almost nobody, many read in way too much meaning and not just fans of the Washington Redskins. This time they were joined by a national NFL writer. Neat.

Garcon is set to become one of several unrestricted free agents for the Redskins when free agency opens March 9. Outside of quarterback Kirk Cousins, Garcon and fellow receiver DeSean Jackson are the biggest names and probably the best players within that group. That makes every public utterance potentially interesting. Of course, some like taking things to The Da Vinci Code level. 

Before discussing further, here's the picture.

Breaking Burgundy has tracked this topic since December and again last month, reporting at the time that the Redskins have not been in contact with Garcon's side since the season ended. As of Monday, that remains the same, according to a source. 

I didn't check in with anyone anywhere when I saw the picture in my Twitter feed. Frankly, I didn't think too much of it at the time seeing as:

  • Garcon seems to smart to negotiate -- with the Redskins or 31 other teams -- what could be a multi-year contract paying him an average salary of $10-11 million per season via social media. He just completed a five-year deal that paid him around $85 per season. Don't expect him back for that amount or anything lower in what's likely the final big contract of his career.
  • He's wearing a Redskins jersey while asking "#YallHiring." Who is he asking? The Redskins? Other teams? Again, let's not overthink this, but if we're playing this out, there's a disconnect between the hashtag and the jersey.

Then I noticed the following.


Holy assumption, Batman.

Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport checked in with Garcon's agent based on the NFL Network Insider's twitter feed. No games means time on hands, apparently.

Again, this story has been out there for sometime. Others followed up on Breaking Burgundy's reports with their own reporting and essentially noted the same. The odds of a return to Washington for Garcon, who led the Redskins in receptions and yards last season, aren't so hot. That, at least on this end, is based on reporting, not interpreting Instagram posts.

Maybe Garcon is pissed the Redskins are showing him no love. Maybe he's making a joke while trying to stay calm knowing the free agency period is getting close. Maybe he's on vacation, had a few moments of downtime between pina coladas and shuffleboard, looked at the phone next to him and decided this was a good moment to screw with everyone.

Again, the sense has been the Redskins are moving on from Garcon. That there's been no contact is odd. Washington team president Bruce Allen said last month at the Senior Bowl of the team's free agents that "Once we have a complete (coaching) staff, we'll get together with the personnel department and make those decisions," Their silence might be that decision, though a deal could probably get hammered out in mere hours should the Redskins say we're in.

Then again, the Cousins contract is likely holding everything up as Washington cannot be sure whether they'd have the QB for around $24 million on a 1-year deal via the franchise tag or for a lower average yearly salary over a long-term deal.

That's a detail worth pondering. Garcon posting a picture of himself with a super vague message, not so much.

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