Ask Matt Bowen

I hope everyone is as excited about this season as I am. Thanks for all the questions and keep them coming; I enjoy this. Ask me anything you want. It can be about a play in the game or some aspect of professional football or even my Cubs! Just keep them coming!

From: coakley5
Q: I would like to know if Sultan is as fast and quick as he's shown in the limited amount of preseason time?

A: Yeah, the kid has wheels. He gets up the field fast. You don't notice it right away, but he turns the corner fast and has a good burst.

From: chtucker18
Q: How do you feel the team will do this year?

A: Everyone in the NFL will say the same thing: good. Everyone looks good in the summer and everyone looks good in practice. It's just a matter of translating that onto the game field. If we do that, we'll be OK.

From: rtandler
Q: Your intro piece mentions that you'd like to write a novel some day. What kind of book are you thinking about writing--a football expose, spy novel?

A: Those are two good topics. A football expose for sure. I haven't liked some of the other ones because they focus on the negative side of the NFL. Mine would be more positive because there are a lot of great things that come from this game. And I'm big into mysteries, homicides. Something along those lines.

From: danatious_d
Q: After this past preseason, through the injuries and what not. Do the Skins have a shot at a playoff appearance or at least an 8-8 or better record?

A: Sure we have a shot at the playoffs. Even with the injuries, what a lot of people don't understand is that these are still NFL players and they're good. They wouldn't be here if they weren't so we'll be all right.

From: crussell75
Q: Hey Matt, thanks for taking the question. I have noticed breakdowns in fundamental tackling in the fourth quarter of close games in recent years and definitely last year. (despite the #5 ranking) How much emphasis is there on good tackling at practice, seeing as how it can win and lose games for you? Thanks.

A: Good question. The emphasis on that is huge. It's our main emphasis as far as the DBs go. If you tackle well you win games because you prevent big plays. But sometimes people see those big hits on the highlights and they all want to do it. All you need is one big hit every three years and you're considered a big hitter.

From: tgardner
Q: Hey Matt, I am thrilled that you are part of the Washington Redskins. You bring an element that we haven't had in many years. Speaking for many other fans, we are excited to see your play this year. I coordinate a huge tailgating event every year called HogFest. We pick one game per season and people fly in from all over the country to watch that game and enjoy a great tailgate. This year it is September 21st against the NY Giants at FedEx field. My question to you is: I would like to get the opportunity for this group to meet you after the game, in the players parking lot, whereever. It would absolutely make their trip from many different states the best possible. I have enjoyed talking with many Redskins players after the game and would like to give the same experience to this group. Is this possible?

A: Yeah, I'll see what I can do. No guarantees, but I'll try.

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