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Morning Manny: Trend Shows Scot McCloughan Values NFL Combine Standouts

As the NFL Combine kicks-off this weekend, be on the lookout for top senior performers. You may just see one in a Redskins' uniform next season...

The NFL Combine, a glorified underwear Olympics, will kickoff this weekend March 3rd. It's become a national phenomenon that frankly many people use as too big of a measuring stick. However, I've noticed recently that many people are also overlooking the importance of good combine workouts. In reality, regardless of it being a good or poor performance, the combine does not give you the full book on a player. 

We've discussed in great detail how the Washington Redskins' general manager Scot McCloughan tends to draft. But here's a new note -- he puts great stock into how players perform at the combine. Take his past two first round picks with the team for example: Brandon Scherff and Josh Doctson. Although Scherff suffered a minor injury during drills, he managed to be a top performer at his position in the 40 yard dash. He also showed his great movement skills in drills prior to injuring himself.


For Doctson, he posted premier numbers in both the vertical and broad jump. The wide receiver also was a top performer in the 20 and 60 yard shuttles. I believe their performances at the combine further helped Scot McCloughan check off boxes. It should also be noted that in McCloughan's final draft with the Seattle Seahawks in 2012, the team selected Bruce Irvin round one. Irvin, much like Scherff and Doctson, was a top performer is practically every drill. 

Scot McCloughan absolutely puts stock into combine performances. However, specifically in round one, it has to be a confirmation of known information. How a player performs at the combine has to match his collegiate film. For Scherff, Doctson and even Bruce Irvin, their combine performances helped confirm what was identified on tape. Not to mention all three being seniors was essentially icing on the cake.

So when you watch the combine this weekend, pay attention to some of the top senior performers to help project players to the Redskins round one. As for who some of those players are -- well, you'll have to stay tuned for our next Morning Manny column!

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