Morning Manny: There Was No Winning Scenario For The Redskins In Cousins' Negotiations

The Redskins haven't "botched" Cousins' contract talks. They're losing a win-less battle.

I think it's time to dispel the notion that the Washington Redskins had a winning scenario in their contract negotiations with QB Kirk Cousins. This situation became a lose-lose the very moment Washington sneaked into the 2015 postseason. So are the Redskins losing this battle as they prepare to potentially smack the 6th year QB with another franchise tag? Absolutely, because there was no way for them to win. 

Listen, hindsight is for the birds. It's for people who have nothing else to do but complain when something doesn't go right. Now, could you knock the Redskins for lacking foresight? Maybe. But I think people forget that Washington did offer Cousins a deal after the 2015 season. Cousins turned his nose up to it. They offered him a deal at a rate, reportedly $16 million per year, that they felt would be good for both sides at that point. It would've been a significant pay raise for Cousins. Issue is, that was a lower rate than he ended up receiving ($19 million) on the franchise tag. Cousins wanted to bet on himself.

Could they have offered him a better deal? Possibly. But has anyone considered that maybe they actually didn't want to do that? Maybe after one season in which he was surprisingly anointed starter shortly before week one, with a new general manager in house -- maybe, just maybe they wanted to see more before dumping the Brinks' truck in Cousins' backyard.

Speaking of the general manager Scot McCloughan, his side of the story often gets overlooked. He inherited this Quarterback and Head Coach tandem. It is not often that a GM goes into year three with a QB and a Head Coach that he didn't hand-select. So it should be no surprise that he and this organization are reluctant to make impulsive long-term decisions. He needed to be prudent. McCloughan stumbled upon a unique situation that frankly there was no right way to handle. 

The only scenario that would result in a win would be the same regardless if Cousins is signed long term or not. If the Redskins are able to win moving forward with or without Cousins, that's a win. But it's incredibly hard to project winning with a QB who has consistently not shown up in big games. So regardless of what happens in this contract situation moving forward, remember that there was no winning scenario for the team. If they smacked him with a deal he wanted, it would've still been expensive in the eyes of many. 

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