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Morning Manny: Redskins Falsified Hope In Form Of Scot McCloughan's Control

The Washington Redskins once again falsified hope to their fan base.

All of a sudden the most bizarre scene in Washington is no longer along Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The Washington Redskins have gone two years with some level of competency only to unravel back into the land of utter dysfunction. Honestly, we all should've seen this coming, but they found a way to blind people with a shiny object called Scot McCloughan.

The glorified general manager was hired as a respected football mind who could infuse true hope into this organization. With back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 1996 and 1997, the future appeared bright. That is until the truth started to leak out -- as it always does. This was never McCloughan's show. It has and will continue to be team president Bruce Allen's show -- or circus, if we're being honest. That formula completely contradicts the narrative Washington pushed when McCloughan was hired. I'm reminded of this tweet from 2015:

Two years after being hired, it appears that McCloughan is on his way out the door. The crazy thing about these reports of a power struggle is that Bruce Allen is the reason McCloughan came to Washington. Now his potential departure is for in large part due to that very same reason. It's unfortunate because fans of the team deserve better. McCloughan had a very solid draft in 2015 and I believe we'll look back saying the same about 2016. It's unclear how soon the two sides could part ways, but at this moment it appears to be inevitable.

What's made this situation even more bizarre is that McCloughan has been spotted trotting around Ashburn head-to-toe in Redskins gear. It's almost as if he's making it known that he'd be willing to salvage things. Either that or he has nothing else to wear. That actually may be the case considering he's been pictured two days in a row this week wearing the same Redskins jumpsuit and dad cap. Jokes aside, it's kind of sad. I feel super bad for Redskins fans who put their hope in this man. There were plenty who said if the Redskins don't improve with McCloughan, then they probably never will. Issue is, they did improve. 

McCloughan did his job and did it well. He helped improve the on-field product in less than two years. However, he couldn't fix the front office and that's the very foundation of an organizational structure. You can't build an enduring house on a poor foundation, no matter how many times you try. But I'm sure the Washington Redskins will again manage to falsify hope to their fans. It's what they do best. 

With Free Agency officially starting at 4:00 pm Thursday evening, the Redskins could make some deals to help change the subject. I discussed some potential moves in my mock offseason that could benefit the team. Or they could drop a bomb about Kirk Cousins and his contract situation. Either a trade or a long-term deal would do the trick. I mean, Cousins even simply signing his franchise tag would change the subject a bit. But in all honesty, it just feels like the team is back to square one. Speaking of Pennsylvania Avenue and to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, here they go again.

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