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Scot McCloughan's Situation Redskins Low Point? Sadly, No, But The Pain Stings Plenty

It's understandable why fans feel duped over the latest front office debacle, but history shows there have been worse moments.

Are you one of those fans that are saying the firing of Scot McCloughan was the final straw and you are ready to renounce your fandom from the Washington Redskins? If so, I have four words for you. SUCK IT UP, SNOWFLAKE! What happened to GMSM was terrible. It was awful. It was a sign of organizational dysfunction but it isn’t even in the top 10 of all time of dysfunctional moments during the ownership of Daniel Synder. Who can forget firing head coach Norv Turner in Week 13 with a WINNING RECORD? How about sending ice cream to defensive coordinator Mike Nolan? What about ousting division winning quarterback Brad Johnson for mister “leadership is overrated” Jeff George? Had enough? We aren’t even close to finished. Who can forget hiring the bingo caller? Free agent busts Deion Sanders and Albert Haynesworth. Firing Marty Schottenheimer after finishing the season 8-3. The Vinny years. The Ol' Ball Coach quitting from the golf course. Maroon, black and yellow. The swinging gate. The McNabb trade. The TJ Duckett trade. All in for Week One. The weekly game day leaks during the Mike Shanahan era. And my personal favorite “winning off the field.” I just listed over 15 instances that were more dysfunctional than this firing. Even after all of these, you came back every Sunday rooting for your Redskins and you will again come September. Any other notion is pure emotional nonsense. But why does this one sting more than the others? It hurts because we are less than a year removed from Kirk Cousins comparing his team to the San Antonio Spurs; a model sports franchise. This hurts because fans want good things. After consecutive winning seasons, finally having a franchise quarterback and stability at head coach, hope seemed real. But it turns out to be merely a mirage. The truth is McCloughan, while a genius talent evaluator, came here flawed and already broken. He was Humpty Dumpty after his great fall in San Francisco and Seattle. The question we may never know is whether Humpty was pushed and if so, is Bruce Allen’s DNA on the shells leaving us fans with egg on our faces. Even if we do, this barely makes the top 15 of dysfunctional Redskins moments. This just stings more than others because as Redskin fans, we were fooled into naively believing dysfunction was in our rear view mirror. 

Chuck Sapienza is the executive producer of the Naval Academy radio network and the former VP of Programming for ESPN980. He was also a part of the Washington Redskins Radio Network from 2009 to 2015, serving as the network's executive producer. He can be reached at

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