Redskins Park Update - Monday

Safety David Terrell is almost out of chances. And a published report stating his roster spot could be in jeopardy was accurate, says someone in the know.

The Redskins don't like that his benching hasn't resulted in him showing more fire on the field. They wanted him to respond with a vengeance, but he hasn't. Which is why Todd Franz played on special teams instead of him and it's why Andre Lott was the third safety.

The Redskins like Terrell's intelligence and, despite what it seems, they like that he's always in the right spot. But he's running out of chances to prove himself. His poor attempt at a tackle in the final preseason game against Jacksonville was enough to leave some convinced he can't help the Redskins.

The coaches value a safety's ability to tackle above all. And Terrell's tackling long has been suspect. He's one of the better guys on the team and he understands what the defense needs to do.

They also liked the way he was in the locker room after the win over New York. It was awfully hard for him not to be active, yet he celebrated with his teammates.

But he's running out of time. There's a chance he'll be active for Atlanta in what could amount to a one-game audition. If he hasn't changed, he could be gone.

. . . Rookie receiver Taylor Jacobs will undergo a CAT scan Tuesday on his bruised pancreas. But coach Steve Spurrier still doubts that Jacobs will be able to play Sunday against Atlanta. Spurrier also said tight end Zeron Flemister (ankle) will play. If he can't, the Redskins would promote tight end Kevin Ware from the practice squad.

. . . The Redskins will continue to rotate the running backs, going with the hot hand so to speak. That's why Ladell Betts wound up with 18 carries in the opener and Trung Canidate only had 10. Betts sounds more accepting of the situation than Canidate.

``I didn't have as many carries as I could have used,'' Canidate said. ``I wasn't able to get into a great groove. But we won and that's the biggest thing to me.''

``I don't have a problem with it,'' Betts said. ``I'm sure it'll be similar to last week and whoever has the feel of the game they'll leave him in there. It keeps the defense off-balance and keeps us fresh as well. It's not that hard to alternate. It does help to get into a rhythm. When you get into a rhythm that's when you pick up some of your bigger runs. But I have no problem alternating.

''I'd like to start. I'm sure Trung would like to start, too. Everyone on the roster would like to start. But when I'm asked to do a job, that's what I'll do.''

Offensive coordinator/running backs coach Hue Jackson said he went with his gut when deciding to use Betts more against the Jets. But he also said Canidate would continue to start.

``I've had Ladell in tight game situations a year ago and he played for me,'' Jackson said. ``I'm still finding out about Trung each and every day. The more he plays for us, the more comfortable I'll become, and the more trusting I'll become. But I think he's a really good football player. I think Ladell's a really good football player. And I'm glad we have two guys we can depend on."

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