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Washington Redskins Select Leonard Fournette ... With the Number Two Overall Pick?

Now this one is a plot twist, but wait because there is more.

If someone told you that the Washington Redskins selected a running back in the first round, then you probably would not be too surprised. Christian McCaffrey has been linked to the Burgundy and Gold in recent mock drafts.

If I told you Washington selected Leonard Fournette, then you probably would be the same level of not too surprised. If I told you they selected the LSU back with the number two overall pick, now that would be mind boggling.

In Walter Cherepinsky's latest mock draft, he has the Redskins making all the trade moves. First, he forecasts Washington trading Kirk Cousins for the San Francisco 49ers's No. 2 overall pick in 2017 as well as their 2018 first-round pick.

"This deal almost had to be part of the Trade Mock Draft, right? Kirk Cousins won't be on the Redskins much longer. Whether he's dealt this offseason or signed by someone else next spring, he's certainly leaving Washington. The Redskins might as well get something great for him, and I think the 49ers would be willing to deal two first-rounders for Cousins. In a sense, it's just one first-rounder because this one is being used on Cousins, who is better than all of the quarterback prospects in this class. 

As for the Redskins, they sorely need defensive line help, so I considered Jonathan Allen. However, Jay Gruden expressed concern about the lack of play-makers chosen recently, and Leonard Fournette obviously qualifies as one."

Of course, Washington has reportedly said that they will not trade Kirk Cousins even though they have a chance to lose him for nothing next offseason as it is unrealistic they franchise tag him for a third consecutive year or use the $28.8 million transition tag, although the latter is a possibility should a long-term deal not come together.

To make things even weirder, Cherepinsky also mocks the Redskins trading their No. 17 overall pick along with their fourth-round and fifth-round pick to move up three picks to Philadelphia's No. 14 overall to draft UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

"The Eagles and Cowboys have done draft-day trades before, so Philadelphia and Washington could swap selections. The Redskins, if they trade Kirk Cousins, will be desperate to land Mitchell Trubisky, but won't be able to get him at No. 17; not with Cleveland sitting at No. 12. In this scenario, the Browns moved down to the 15th spot, giving the Redskins an opportunity to leap them."

If any of these trades and/or selections go down in two weeks, you can expect Redskins Twitter to explode with chaos.

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