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Reports: Redskins Hosting Giants on Thanksgiving Night,; Home Week 1 Against Eagles

There's a schedule first looming for the Redskins and it involves playing on Thanksgiving. No Cowboys involved. It's 2017 schedule reveal day.

Bits and pieces of the Washington Redskins schedule have trickled out ahead of Thursday night's official announcement. Here's what's been reported so far..

Week 1 - The Redskins will host the Philadelphia Eagles.

Week 3 - The Oakland Raiders will come to town for a matchup on Sunday Night Football.

Week 12  - The Redskins’ first Thanksgiving night game at home in franchise history will be against the New York Giants. The two teams finish the regular season in New York in Week 17 on Dec. 31.

What we already knew:

Six of the Redskins games will be against division opponents – three home, three away, as they are every year – and Washington will play the rest of the AFC West and NFC West. The Minnesota Vikings and Saints are on the Redskins schedule because they also finished third in their division.  

The Redskins home games will be against the Dallas Cowboys, Eagles, Giants Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Raiders and Minnesota Vikings.

Their road games will include division trips to Dallas, Philadelphia and New York, as well as games against the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and the Saints.

Sources are also confirming that the Redskins will have two Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football games. Washington has lost 16 of 18 Monday Night Football matchups at home dating back to 1996.

Stay tuned for the Redskins finalized schedule.

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