Redskins Park Update - Wednesday

Crowd noise and the Falcons' defense. Both present problems, but both are being prepared for this week. First the noise. The Georgia Dome is sold out and the Redskins expect it to be hard to hear. So they prepared by having quarterback Patrick Ramsey whisper the count at the line of scrimmage.

``Only the people right around him could hear him,'' coach Steve Spurrier said. ``So everyone has to watch the ball and go when it's snapped.''

The Redskins also will use more hand signals, helping the receivers and backs.

But the bigger factor is facing a 3-4 front. Atlanta recorded 47 sacks using this scheme a year ago and had three against Dallas on Sunday.

However, the Cowboys rushed for 124 yards against them in the first half and all of Atlanta's sacks came in the second half, when Dallas was forced to throw.

``We've done a good job of mixing things up,'' Redskins guard Dave Fiore said. ``That's what we have to continue to do. You can't go out there and have defenses know what you're going to do. They'll come after you.''

They must communicate. The backs must help out--they have even more responsibility in pass protection against this front than vs. a 4-3. Also, the Redskins have worked against the 3-4 in two preseason games (New England and Baltimore) and one of the first things they do in training camp is go over each linemen's assignments against this front. They'll see Sunday if that helped.

``They have a lot of good athletes and it allows them to mix and match different looks,'' Fiore said. ``They have so many guys who can play outside or inside; it's a lot of different angles to prepare for.''

. . . The tackles spent more time in warmups performing blocking drills with the tight ends, perhaps to get used to Sunday's assignments.

. . . Don't fret over Patrick Ramsey's knee. It wasn't a big deal in the first place. Ramsey had some minor swelling in his knee and he just wanted to be careful. So he got some treatment and he's wearing an elastic wrap. But he's not limping or moving slowly.

. . . Tight end Zeron Flemister (Achilles) is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game. He didn't practice and instead rode the stationary bike. The Redskins probably won't make a decision on him until Friday at the earliest. They'd sign Kevin Ware off the practice squad and cut someone to make room. They'll try to expose this player at the last possible moment, likely wanting to re-sign him Monday.

. . . Receiver Taylor Jacobs won't play because of his abdominal trauma. He hasn't been cleared to practice yet--doctors don't want to risk him getting hit in the stomach.

. . . The power rankings were posted in the Redskins' locker room, with each time highlighted. The Falcons were ranked eighth and, next to a comment on them, the word ''What?'' was written and was underlined three times. The Redskins were ranked 22nd. For whatever that's worth.

. . . Running back Chad Morton has a sense of humor. As a TV reporter did a standup from the field in front of the running backs, Morton looked over, smiled and waved to the camera.

. . . One offensive lineman scoffed at the notion that their snap counts were too predictable against the Jets.

``There are some things we have to change, but it wasn't a problem,'' the lineman said.

The biggest problem: Jets end John Abraham was too quick off the ball.

. . . One Redskins coach scoffed at any notion that safety David Terrell has had a bad attitude since he was benched in the preseason. The fired-up coach said Terrell was a great kid. He might not be a good safety, but it's not because of his attitude. However, others say he lacks enough fire to win back the job.

. . . Apparently, Sports Illustrated's Paul Zimmerman wrote or said that safety Ifeanyi Ohalete is a rising star. Ohalete's big weakness is a penchant for drawing 15-yard penalties and he's not fast. But, at strong safety, he covers enough ground to be effective.

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