Behind Enemy Lines: Atlanta

Atlanta's Doug Johnson had a good opener, completing 16 of 27 passes for 228 yards and two touchdowns in a 27-13 win over Dallas. He talked about his relationship with Redskins coach Steve Spurrier in a conference call with Washington reporters.

Q: Were you breathing easier after your week one performance?

A: I wasn't really breathing hard before it. I can play a lot better so I'm not content with the way we played offensively. We still have a long way to go. Hopefully we'll get through the struggles and still be able to win.

Q: Has too much been made of this Spurrier/Johnson weekend?

A: Way too much. It's just beating a dead horse.

Q: Why is there a feeling that you two didn't hit it off?

A: I don't know. A lot of people read into the emotions on the sidelines during a game. People have to realize it's an emotional game. You can't read into what's going on on the sidelines. Both people are trying to get the job done. After the game everything is fine.

Q: What's the main thing you learned from Spurrier?

A: A lot of fundamental things, like reading defenses, head placement, where to throw the ball. Fundamentals. Timing. When to let the ball go. It's unbelievable the things I learned from him. When it comes to throwing the ball he's great and he understands the passing game and he understands timing. He's second to none as far as how to coach it.

Q: Is there a feeling of satisfaction getting off on the right foot, that the Falcons can do this without Michael Vick?

A: I don't worry about doubters. As long as your teammates and coaching staff and you have confidence. There are doubters everywhere. That's what you get paid to do is voice your opinions, but I could care less what those opinions are.

Q: When you look at the Redskins' defense, what do you see?

A: They're an exceptionally talented group. That's not a secret.

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