Redskins Park Update: Thursday

The Redskins are a relaxed bunch and truly seem to have good chemistry. Of course, their camaraderie hasn't been tested yet. In the 2000 season the Redskins started off 6-2 before collapsing down the stretch. Fullback Larry Centers said the team lacked chemistry. When reminded of the start, Centers said, ``Yeah, but you don't find out about it until you get punched. When we got punched, we folded.''

The Redskins haven't been punched yet, but they'll certainly take their jabs Sunday against Atlanta. How they respond could set a tone for the rest of the season.

But they truly seem to get along. One pleasant surprise has been end Regan Upshaw. For some reason I expected a surly guy. But he's far from it, always smiling and laughing and saying hello to everyone. He calls everyone, ''Play-uh.'' That's the big word inside the locker room this season.

. . . Tight end Zeron Flemister will not play against Atlanta on Sunday because of his sore Achilles in his left foot. The Redskins likely will sign Kevin Ware off the practice squad and cut someone, likely on Friday.

Washington likely will put Ware back on the practice squad after the game and re-sign whomever they cut. Not sure yet who they'll cut. But I do know some in the building like Ware's potential. They say he's a good blocker with capable hands who just needs to learn how to be consistent. We'll see.

. . . Don't expect the Redskins to fret over Bryan Barker's game one performance. While some have been critical of him in the past, there are reasons for his bad opener these same people say. Apparently, Steve Spurrier went to him before the game and asked him to angle his kicks out of bounds. Though that doesn't sound difficult, it's something he hadn't worked on much during the week.And that was enough to throw him off. Whether that's just an excuse or not we'll find out Sunday.

. . . Redskins receiver Taylor Jacobs (abdominal trauma) has no idea when he'll be cleared to play. He can't even express optimism that he'll be cleared for next week.

. . . The big T-shirt this season has a triangle on the front with offense, defense and special teams written at angles on the outside. On the back the shirt reads: We can't have success without U. On either side of the U is Attitude and Commitment. At the bottom of the back the shirt reads: Accountability and Finish Everything.

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