Ask Matt Bowen

I hope everyone is as excited about this weekend as I am. It would be nice to start off 2-0. I know some people don't like playing indoors, but I don't care. I'll play on my carpet at home if I have to! Thanks for all your questions and keep them coming.

From: sarakjulian
Q: So, you enjoy writing. Do you enjoy any other forms of creative self-expression such as photography, painting...perhaps pottery? I think I heard somewhere that you have quite a talent for doodling.

A: Ummm, no. Sorry.

From: glmilton
Q: Hey Matt - it's great to have you as a starter in the secondary this year and I look forward to watching the punishment be dealt. Do you have goals set for tackles, INTs, or forced fumbles this season? And if so, what kind of numbers do you expect to attain?

A: Thanks. No, I don't set individual goals. I set team goals. I think too many players get caught up talking about themselves.

From: lovatm
Q: Is your favorite band still Dokken?

A: No, I wrote that as a joke column once. My favorite band is U2.

From: apple-ext
Q: Who are your top 5 safeties in the league and what makes each one special? Good luck this year.

A: Thanks. I'd say Darren Sharper is number one, John Lynch number two, Brian Dawkins is third, Lawyer Milloy fourth and Mike Brown fifth. They're all playmakers and they all play the game hard. I saw that from personal experience with Sharper and that's why I think he's number one. But they're all playmakers.

From: kareemsadek
Q: Hey Matt. Thanx for taking the time to answer your questions. Here's mine: How different are the defensive schemes in Washington from those you had in Green Bay?

A: Your welcome. There's not much difference. There's only so much you can do with 11 guys on the field. Defense is defense.

From: danatious_d
Q: After a close win over the jets, do you think the results against Atlanta will be a little not so close? Also, I want to know how you think this year will be for the Skins.

A: I hope it's not close. We think we'll be good.

From: danielalholm
Q: Sunday September 28 is the Cubs final game of the season, and they might need a win that day to make it into the playofffs. If this scenario works out, will it be hard for you to concentrate on playing the Patriots that day? Also, you have played with Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and Brett Favre, what are they like?

A: Good question. But I have a feeling the Cubs will either be packing for the offseason or have it wrapped up by then. Those players are all superstars for the same reason: they're great players and they're great mentally. They're all so educated about the game that it almost seems easy for them. They're also great guys.

From: cjpck44
Q: Not a lot of people talked about it after the game, but what about the blown call against the Jets where Testeverde fumbled and the officials blew the whistle too early? Since they didn't let the play finish it couldn't be challenged on a play that could have been crucial. I hate seeing this every year and was wondering if you all as players ever talk about early whistles, and that particular one? By the way, great game. After Stanley Richard it's nice to have a safety that can tackle.

A: Thanks. No, we don't talk much about it. It's part of the game. Sometimes those quick whistles can help us out, too. That's why they pay officials money to make these calls.

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