In Their Words: Renaldo Wynn

Life at the bottom of the pile is an ugly place, where everything goes and where one's antics are rarely caught. Here's what Redskins end Renaldo Wynn says about life in the pile.

``Regan Upshaw talks about a lot of dirty stuff that goes on in a pileup after a play. That's because he's probably doing most of the stuff, knowing him.

``I try not to talk about what goes on in there, unless people ask me about it, because it's just part of the game.

`I've been fortunate because not much has happened to me. But I've heard stories of other guys and what they do, biting someone's hand or trying to turn their wrist a certain way or grabbing the genital area. I don't know what I'd do if something like that happened to me. I'd lose it.

``But you really have to watch yourself. And a lot of stuff that goes on in there would be X-rated for kids to hear. You have guys gouging out eyes, especially if you're going up against a guy where it gets personal out there. He's looking for you to slip a little bit and fall on the pile.

``You hear so much about what goes on but it's so unpredictable. You might hear a guy saying, 'I'll put my foot in between your facemask.'

``I've heard stories about how Tre Johnson would look for guys to do that to, as far as grabbing their genitals and stuff like that. Guys look for any edge they can get so they'll spit on guys, stuff like that. And you might hear certain things that I can't mention on the record, but a lot of words that you wouldn't use to your mom.

``Sometimes this stuff happens when guys are going for a football but not always. Sometimes they're just going at another guy. The ball might already be obtained by another player or sometimes it's a vendetta a player has against another player.

``Some guys do it just to do it. I don't know if it's fun for them or whatever, but that's what they look forward to because they know they can get away with it. There are no refs around so anything goes.

``It gets personal out there. I try to take care of it on the field legally. But that's one of the things that goes on and it's impossible to regulate it. ''

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