Ramsey Optimistic

Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey went home in pain Monday night, his left shoulder still bothering him. He woke up a different man. There's little doubt that Ramsey will be able to play against the Giants on Sunday. But there is a chance he might not be able to practice Wednesday.

``I'm feeling much, much better,'' he said. ``There's been a lot of improvement. I'm excited and shocked at how much better I feel.''

However, after getting treatment today and the way he feels, Ramsey is upbeat about practicing as well.

``I'm encouraged,'' he said.

And he's optimistic about the Redskins' pass protection, despite being sacked in 10 games and hit numerous times. Not all the problems are because of the line: four of Sunday's six sacks stemmed from the running backs.

``People feel like we're reeling in protection and we're not,'' Ramsey said. ``They're doing a better job than people give them credit for. No one is coming clean and there's some miscommunication. But I don't feel uncomfortable at all.''

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