Behind Enemy Lines: Michael Strahan

The Giants' defensive end isn't shy about expressing his feelings on Jon Jansen, Bruce Smith and even Wilbert Brown. Why Brown? Well, read on.

Whats mood of team: We good man, We getting ready for the Redskins.

Any hangover: The last week is over. In professional sprots if you win you forget about it if you lose you forget about it and move on to the next week.

Q: What do you think of the Redskins' offense?

A: They look great. They're more patient and they have big playmakers on that team. They haven't scored as many points as they have and they're not 2-0 by mistake. They're at that point because they're playing well. They're more patient and they're sticking with their game plan. They're pounding the ball and they're more well-balanced.

Q: What kind of difference has Laveranues Coles made?

A: Phenomenal. He's everything the Jets hoped he wouldn't be. I know Laveranues from here. One thing about him, he's a determined guy and he wants to be the best. Right now he's showing he's one of the best in the league and he's making it look easy. He's that main addition to the offense and he makes it go.

Q: What do you make of Patrick Ramsey?

A: He looks great. He's poised and he's playing well. He's not playing like a second-year player. He's playing like someone who's been around a long time.

Q: What tells you that?

A: He looks patient and he's not making mistakes. He's thrown one interception. It looks like he understands the offense and he's making the right calls and the right adjustments.

Q: You were pretty angry at Wilbert Brown after playing against him last year. Are you still angry with him?

A: Is he there (Yes)... Really. Is he playing (No.) ... I didn't think so. That's what I told him the last time we played. He's lucky to be ther this year. It's good to see he still has a job. It's just stupid. There's a certain way to play the game and a certain way you don't. There's a difference between being aggressive and out of control. Players respect each other and understand you're out there to compete. No one wants to go out and try to hurt someone else but to do something that's flat-out dirty . . . that's what I ran into with him last year. I don't appreciate anyone who does that.

Q: What makes you marvel about Bruce Smith?

A: I love Bruce Smith. I spent time with him in the offseason. What marvels me is that he still loves to play. He still goes out and gets it done and competes. It's amazing. How old is he? 52? It's amazing that at 52 years of age he's still out there getting sacks and contributing and still excited about it. That's the amazing thing about Bruce.

Q: Jon Jansen said he prepares extra for you, do you do the same for him?

A: Jon is a hell of a competitor and he's one of the toughest guys I have to face. He's one of the most underrated tackles in the league. This won't be an easy game. I know I have a tough game ahead of me because this is a challenge. Let me know what the extra stuff he does for me is.

Q: Why is he underrated?

A: They have Chris Samuels and it's very rare that, when you have more than one [good] tackle that there's enough attention for everybody. But having to play against all the right tackles in the league and knowing I have to play against him, I can tell you he's one of the best.

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