Redskins Park Update: Wednesday

Tight end Zeron Flemister likely will miss his second straight game because of his sprained Achilles, meaning Kevin Ware once again will be signed off the practice squad later in the week. And it also means lineman Wilbert Brown could be cut, then re-signed, once again

The perplexing one is receiver Taylor Jacobs. He's still unable to take part in any contact because of his abdominal injury. Jacobs saw a doctor last week and surgery was ruled out, but he still hasn't been cleared.

Quarterback Patrick Ramsey did not practice because of his sprained left shoulder, but he could return as early as today.

. . . Quote of the day: Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington on New York tight end Jeremy Shockey, ``A lot has been made about him, but I don't buy into it. I have nothing else to say about Jeremy Shockey. We'll see what he does on Sunday.''

. . . Arrington walked around with a baseball bat this afternoon. No, he wasn't looking for someone to hit. Instead, he had received the Louisville Slugger Award. It's supposed to be awarded to the Redskin with the best special teams hit. But because no Redskin special teamer had a good hit vs. the Jets, the honor went to Arrington.

. . . The Redskins are a very, very confident team right now. As Arrington said they're developing a swagger, one which stems from being 2-0.

. . . USA Today's Sports Weekly is doing a story on Ramsey.

. . . Look for the Redskins to use more misdirection against the Giants. That strategy worked well for Dallas.

. . . Redskins linebacker Jessie Armstead had never seen a hurricane before attending the University of Miami. Then he got stuck in town during one of the worst: Hurricane Andrew, which devastated southern Florida in 1992. Fifteen people died and 250,000 were left homeless as a result.

``It's an unbelievable sight,'' Armstead said. ''I thought it would be like a tornado and be over quick. But when a hurricane comes through, it left little behind. It disrupted a lot of people. I remember people telling you that it's going to hit and it'll hit hard. All I know is when I came outside everything looked different. There were no lights or telephone poles working. Life was at a standstill.''

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