Conference Call with: Patrick Ramsey

Patrick Ramsey answered questions from the New York Media. The Redskins face the Giants at home this Sunday.

Q: Could you give us some quick impressions of what you think about this Giants defense that basically rattled Kurt Warner out of a job and of course, Quincy Carter did a job on them last night.

They are extremely talented, they have a great pass rush they have some really good corners that cover the ball well and they stop the run. They force you to do some things and take more chances. I think they certainly didn't play badly against the Cowboys. Cowboys just hit a few plays here and there and I think it is something we have to focus on, that these guys have played well and their ranking isn't a testament to how to talented they actually are.

Q: To a lot of us they seemed a little bit less aggressive, especially in the first half against Dallas. Did you see that at all?

I was able to watch some of the game and I haven't really been able to watch the game, I have watched cutups at this point, so I didn't see the flow of the game and how that went as much as I have just seen certain formations and what coverage they play against. I will know better how to answer that question later in the week.

Q: How do you explain the dramatic turnaround you have made already since last year just in the way your game has gotten so much better so quickly?

I think a lot of it has to do with the guys we have around us. We have made some great additions that really helped me and helped our offense and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have spent a lot of time around this facility working hard on our offense and learning it, audibles and small intricacies of things I need to do to help this offense flow well, and I guess the hard work and my teammates.

Q: Preseason predictions, a lot of people though you guys may not be a division contender but you guys are already off to a 2-0 start. What do you think that says about your team?

We have had to overcome some adversity in these games, especially in both games late. And I think we are going to scrap, we are never going to give up, and that certainly one of the characteristics of this team and we are going to work hard and teams can't ever go to sleep regardless of whatever the situation.

Q: What does the Giants losing to Dallas do for you guys in terms of maybe any type of mental edge or conference level increase knowing that maybe this division is going to be more wide open than some people might think?

It's something you look at and you hear, but I think more so than anything, we are just kind of evaluating it on a game-by-game basis and the fact that we play a division opponent this upcoming week so we didn't fair very well in our division last year so I think we are just going to approach it game by game and try to win this game this week.

Q: Looking at this team compared to last year's team - is this team different, maybe mentally, physiological. Does it feel a little more perhaps confident?

It certainly does. I think it has a lot to do with the guys we brought in and the talent we have around here - all of a sudden more experienced, more comfortable in what we are doing around here. There is definitely a little more of a swagger, a little more confidence with this team, but at the same time I don't think we need to take that too far and rely upon that to much.

Q: What do you see differently out of Coach Spurrier as opposed to a year ago?

I think the Coach is just more comfortable, with all of the situations he is faced with and he feels better about all of the situations. I think he feels that he has a lot more experience and I know that is the same for me.

Q: What is different about your relationship with him? Is there anything he does differently with you?

No not necessarily. It's pretty much the same. We are just focusing on certain things as far as run game. Just detailed a little bit more this year.

Q: Your learning curve - do you feel maybe the game slowed down a little bit for you this year. Is there something specific that you can point out that is easier for you this year?

It certainly has slowed down. The fact that I don't try to force things as much or the fact that I am able to get to the right place and not take everything downfield every play. It just tells me to take what they give me.

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