Ask Matt Bowen

Thanks for all the questions again. I'm sorry I can't get to all of them, but I hope you understand. I hope we keep winning so you'll keep sending in more. There's a lot to talk about right now.

From: SSgt William Dominy, Kadena Air Base Japan
Q: I'm a huge Redskins fan stationed in Okinawa, Japan. After your first game of the season, how well do you think the defense will jell together against the run? Good luck to you guys and glad your with us in Washington. Hail to the Redskins!!

A: I think we'll do well because of the talent at linebacker and the good coaching by George Edwards.

From: Unnamed
Q: What's up, Matt? How does it feel being a Redskins and seeing how good the fans are?

A: They're great fans and you can just tell it's a football town the way people react to anything about the Redskins. There's a lot of tradition and people expect a lot from you.

From: Jan in Davidsonville, MD
Q: Matt, I just wanted to say thanks for your brilliant play these past two weeks. We are lucky to have you.

A: Thank you very much.

From: Sara
Q: Please describe the greatest obstacle you have overcome in your career and how you handled it. Thank you!

A: Probably losing my hair; that's why I shaved my head . . . And probably switching from quarterback to safety in college. I had to learn how to play defense all over again. It was hard because you're running backwards instead of running forwards. It sounds like nothing but it's huge. I just kept working at it.

From: Unnamed
Q: I'm a Freshman Free Safety at Lenoir Rhyne college in N.C. and what is your typical diet durring the season?

A: I always eat healthy. I don't eat fried foods. I eat a lot of lean meat, a lot of seafood and I make sure to eat three balanced meals. Sometimes I'll have a meal replacement or sometimes some protein after a workout.

From: Sam Ourada
Q: I just wanted to wish you best of luck this season. My father Frank Ourada is pretty good friends with your dad from back at Glenbard West, so we are all cheering for you. What is the thing you miss most about being a Packer? Good luck. P.S.-I can see a Vikings, Redskins NFC championship game this season!!

A: I'd like that. I don't miss anything about being a Packer except the good friends I had up there.

From: Unnamed.
Q: Did you play Golden Eagles football?

A: I did. I played Golden Eagles starting in 1986. It was a balst. I played quarterback. Snap the ball and run around the corner every time.

From: Unnamed
Q: What was your favorite play against the Falcons? By the way, you looked like a receiver out there.

A: Thanks. My favorite play was probably Jessie's safety because it was such a turning point in the game. You could tell after that play that things would start going our way.

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