Redskins release Jeff George

The Redskins decided enough was enough and finally reached a conclusion many expected long ago. The marriage of Jeff George and Marty Schottenheimer would not work. So Schottenheimer ended it.

''I reached a point where I didn't feel the Redskins could win with Jeff as a starting quarterback,'' Schottenheimer said. ''When I reached that point, then I had to evaluate and make a decision as to whether it would serve our purpose to have him as a backup and I didn't think that's what we should do. Quite frankly I didn't think coming off the bench he could help us win. ''I was steadfastly hoping this thing would work with Jeff because had it worked we probably wouldn't be 0-2. I'd like to think I'm a good coach and maybe I could do it. We all have our egos and think we can do this, where others have not. Jeff has been coached by some excellent coaches. I did everything I think I could do to make it work and I think Jeff did, too.'' Schottenheimer let his ego get in the way of better thinking. After all, George was a bad fit for this offense from the start. That's one reason why Oakland got rid of him three years ago: they switched to a West Coast offense and deemed him unsuitable to run it. Yet Schottenheimer deemed himself the Jeff George savior. And it might have cost him a good season. That's one trouble with successful coaches with big egos: they feel they can make anything work. And they're not always right. For George, the problem was an inability to lead. He was robotic in the huddle on a team desperate for a spark. He called leadership overrated on a team seeking a leader. Also, his fundamentals made him a poor fit. George tended to drift out of the pocket, when he needed to stay in or step up, plant and throw. He didn't see this coming. Yet, when Schottenheimer told him of the move, he reacted calmly. ''I'm shocked and I'm speechless,'' George told WRC-TV yesterday. ''I didn't expect [to be benched or cut]. But I have a lot of football left to be played.''

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