Redskins Park Update - Wednesday

The Redskins need help with penalties. And four local officials might provide it. Washington hired four local officials from the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, to work during practices. It used to be a common occurence under Joe Gibbs and Norv Turner. But Spurrier has not done this until now. He had officials work during training camp for maybe a week.

After 35 penalties in three games, however, he decided they needed more. Not to mention 116 penalties a year ago.

``We'll see if this helps,'' Spurrier said.

It can't hurt. But what Washington needs is for other players to tell those making the dumb mistakes that those were, indeed, dumb mistakes. The penalties by receiver Darnerien McCants and linebacker Jeremiah Trotter can't be tolerated. And the only way they'll end is by peer pressure.

But having the officials work practice can help by keeping the players disciplined. That's a huge problem under Spurrier.

. . . Ex-Redskins corner Deion Sanders was in town today, interviewing players for the CBS pregame show. He talked to linebacker LaVar Arrington, corner Champ Bailey and coach Steve Spurrier. At one point, not sure if it was on-camera or off, he asked Spurrier how he came to the Redskins. And Spurrier told him he came for the same reason Sanders once had: he got lots of money.

. . . Receiver Taylor Jacobs was cleared to play. But it remains to be seen what role he'll have. It's likely he'll be eased into the lineup. They really like what Darnerien McCants is doing. Plus he gives them a different target. In the red zone, McCants is used like a tight end because of his height.

. . . Look for guard Derrick Dockery to play some against the Patriots. Left guard Dave Fiore is hurting and rested his knee again today. Fiore says it's just to make sure it doesn't become a problem later in the season. But when you start doing things like that now, it's usually already very sore. And it could be only a matter of time before he has to shut it down for a week or so. Which is why Dockery must get playing time now, even if it's only for a few snaps.

. . . Quote of the Day: From Arrington, ``I go out there to dominate every time I go on the field. I would hope my teammates see the intensity and fire in my eyes, even in the locker room. But I take partial blame for last week. I saw that we weren't as pumped up in warmups. Usually I'm the one hooting and hollering and trying to get guys pumped up. But I was trying to stay subdued because it's a long game and I wanted to conserve my energy. But if it takes a long time for the team to warm up and start playing, then what's it worth for me to save my energy. I'll come out pumped up.''

. . . By the way, corner Champ Bailey would never say it, but the blame for the touchdown pass to Amani Toomer goes to safety Ifeanyi Ohalete. Bailey said he was beaten by Toomer on the inside. Sure he was. Because he was supposed to have help inside from Ohalete, who instead was nowhere to be found. But Bailey never even hinted that it was someone else's fault. It took others to do that.

And what does Sanders say about Bailey?

``Champ is the best in the game,'' Sanders said. ``Because of his knowledge of the game, his athletic ability, his awareness, his quickness and speed.''

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