Behind Enemy Lines: Bill Belichick

The New England coach is never in a good mood. And that was true before he lost seven starters to injuries. But Bill Belichick had some good things to say about the Redskins, as you might expect.

Q: What do you see in the Redskins' offense?

A: They have a lot going for them. First of all Steve has a good scheme. They're well-balanced and they're running the ball well. Trung is averaging over five yards a carry and Betts gives them a change of pace back. Ramsey is doing a good job throwing it. The line is very good. Good players, good scheme, good execution.

Q: What's your impression of Patrick Ramsey?

A: He's tough. I've been very impressed with him, watching him last year and this year. He hangs in the pocket. He makes the throw while taking a hit. He doesn't back down from blitzes or pressure and he's throwing the ball accurately. He made a big run against the Jets so he's athletic. He does a good job managing the team.

Q: Were there ulterior motives to picking up Wilbert Brown?

A: We put Mike Compton on IR and he was a center/guard for us. Wilbert played center/guard. We're just trying to win games here. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Why does Champ Bailey rank among the best corners?

A: He has a world of talent. He's a big corner who runs well and he has good athleticism, speed and quickness. He's a tough kid who will come up and tackle. But what separates any good corner from a great corner is the athlete's ability to mak plays on the ball and turn potential catches into interceptions or knockdowns into turnovers. Those are the game-changing plays. Any player that can do that on defense has a ton of value. You put the ball in player's hands like that and it's not just an interception. It can be a long runback as well. Big-play making ability is what makes him a special player.

Q: How do you contain Coles?

A: He's one of the top receivers in the league, no question about that. He put up big numbers before. We've seen too much of him. I thought a real telling play last week was when the Redskins ran a reverse and the Giants safety came up and looked like he had him for no gain and turned it into a 25-yard run. The week before they threw him a one-yard quick screen and he turns it into a 40-yard gain. We've all seen him go downfield and catching the in-cuts and post and go-routes. But those plays, the quick screens and the reverse, plays where it looks like he's contained and then he goes 25-40 yards. He can do everything well. He's a good route-runner. He's tough. He can come inside and catch the ball. He has good hands, good speed and good quickness. He runs well after the catch and he turns short plays into long ones. He's one of the best receivers in the league and the Redskins paid a high price for him, but they got an outstanding player. That's a big challenge for us. I was happy to see him leave the Jets, but not real happy having to play against him now.

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