Redskins Park Update: Monday

The Redskins don't care if they're 3-1 and have defeated teams weakened by injuries. Nor do they care that all their wins are by three points or less.

``I'm glad they think it's luck because people still underestimate us,'' corner Champ Bailey said. ``But I know the people we've played haven't underestimated us. They have to come out and play because we're a good team.'' Amen, said his partner on the corner.

``I don't care if we're playing all Cincinnati Bengals,'' Redskins corner Fred Smoot said, ``we're 3-1 and we're winning now and we want to keep it that way.''

Besides, all these close wins can pay off down the road.

``We've got a belief around here,'' linebacker Jessie Armstead said. ``If the game is close and we need a score we know the offense will score on somebody. We've got the firepower. We know we have to hold together. We feel like this year is a growing experience and it's letting us know we can do it.''

. . . But the Redskins know they must cut out the mistakes. Steve Spurrier was pleased with the penalties, though they still had nine. However, he wasn't pleased that corner Ade Jimoh allowed a 29-yard touchdown pass, his second one allowed in his brief action.

Needless to say, Jimoh is in trouble.

``It would be foolish on our part to put a player out there who has played like that,'' Spurrier said. ``I told him, `We can't trust you to get in the flow of the game by playing you more the way it's going now.' He plays well in practice but for some reason in the games he lets people run right by him. We have to be smart enough not to put him in that situation. The smartest thing to do is not put him out there, to tell you the truth. We're inviting trouble if we put out a player who is struggling a little bit. He's a good player, but he has to prove it in the real games. You can't just say, `I can play, I just made a couple of mistakes.' ''

. . . Spurrier said the team has notified the league to get a clearer ruling on the 17-yard non catch by Laveranues Coles in the fourth quarter. ``That was a very questionable call,'' Spurrier said. ``The refs missed it. But it's history now. We won the game and we don't have to look back and say, `What if?' ''

. . . The Redskins were thrilled with how rookie guard Derrick Dockery performed in place of starter Dave Fiore. Even Dockery's teammates were impressed, particularly with his ability to recover from a holding penalty. Some young players would have been damaged mentally by such a play. He wasn't. As to who will start against the Eagles, Fiore expects to return to practice. But Spurrier said he'd wait to see who's healthy before making a decision.

I can say this: some of Fiore's teammates figure he'll miss at least another game or two the rest of the way. If not more. And that's why they were happy to see how Dockery performed Sunday.

. . . The injury list is short: corner Rashad Bauman is still bothered by his hamstring. But end Renaldo Wynn expects to practice despite a sprained ankle. Bailey said his shoulder and wrist are sore, but that it won't prevent him from practicing.

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