Post Game Quotes

Redskins end Regan Upshaw: ``It looks ugly, it looks ugly, it looks ugly then boom you come out of it unscathed. But it's still early. We have to do as well or better in our next four. But if we clean up our act, we can blow guys out.''

Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey, ``It's too close. Hopefully we can find a way to, when we get up, to stay up.''

Redskins safety Matt Bowen, ``Last week against the Giants we caused two fumbles by Kerry Collins, but didn't get them. If we get those it's a different game. Today we got them. Sometimes the ball bounces our way.''

Bowen, ``I was trying to save it before it got out of bounds. I have to remember how to play offense. I haven't played it since high school.''

Redskins tackle Jon Jansen, ``Everyone says, `Well, you beat the Jets without [Chad] Pennington and the Falcons were Vickless.' But that's part of the NFL. At some point we'll have to win without our key guy. It's part of the game. But we've definitely had a lot go our way early and that's allowed us to be 3-1. The next thing we have to do is win a division game.''

New England kicker Adam Vinatieri on not attempting a 55-yard field goal in the end, ``That would have been pushing the limit pretty far, but looking back on it, it would have been great to have a shot at it.''

Redskins running back Trung Canidate, ``The main thing is that what I add is, I can get in the open field and turn it on more. I want to get in sync with the guys up front because I can shift and move. I can get better.''

Redskins guard Derrick Dockery, ``I got the jitters out and was able to move on from there. At first I was like, Whew, the way people were moving. But at this level you have to stay in tune with what is going on around you. All in all I think my performance was good.''

On the Redskins' knack for close games:

Ifeanyi Ohalete: "You know what, it builds a lot of character when you win like this. I'd love to blow every team out, but that's not going to happen in this league. We've played four games, and we've got three victories so far. I'm OK with that."

Jeremiah Trotter: "We do keep it interesting."

Laveranues Coles: "This is the NFL. Just about every game is going to be close, so luck doesn't have anything to do with it. If we won a ballgame, you won. I don't think we're out there pitching horseshoes. We're playing football."

Matt Bowen: "We'd like to, when we get up on a team, be able to put them away. That's something we have to work on. These guys won a Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Tom Brady, you can't let that guy have a chance to come back. He almost did today."

LaVar Arrington: "We're proving that we're learning how to win."

Steve Spurrier: "We're happy to be 3-1. We realize it could be worse. . . . But hopefully when we get a lead, we can hang on to it better in the future."

Spurrier again: "We were pretty fortunate to get out with a victory. . . . They probably outplayed us a little bit. . . . We've won by three, three and two. . . . It's good to win three out of four close ones, but that usually doesn't happen. We're not dominating anybody. We feel like we can play a lot better."

Champ Bailey: "I hate that we play like that. I would love to blow somebody out, but we give them something good to watch."

Patrick Ramsey: "It's too close. Hopefully, we can find a way - when we get up - to stay up."

Ifeanyi Ohalete: "It builds a lot of character when you win like this. I'd love to blow every team out, but that's not going to happen in this league."

Coles again: "The first thing to do is win. If you win, everything else is good. . . The key is to get the ‘W'. . . Any time you get a win, you're happy."

Fred Smoot: "I could take a good boring win, 40-0, but it helps your team to win the close games"

On Spurrier's conservative play calling with the lead

Ramsey: "His out-of-character play-calling won the game for us. I'm OK with it."

Coles: "Today the running game took off for us, and I'm excited. Now teams need to look at us as a total offense."

Spurrier: "We were trying to run the clock and make a few first downs. We didn't do it very well. We only converted 3 of 11 first downs. We weren't very good there."

On Coles' "out of bounds" reception

Coles: "I caught the ball, I took three or four steps, I've got possession of the ball. What else do you need?"

Jon Jansen "I saw a catch. But they didn't ask my opinion. Although I was looking to give it to them."

Spurrier: "I certainly don't believe they [the referees] are cheating, because, I mean, that replay is going to be shown all over the country."

Coles again: "My heart dropped. I felt I had let my team down. I was just praying the defense would make a stop. . . The brought me in to make plays like that and I didn't make it. . .I was just hurting that I didn't come through for my team."

Spurrier: "All of our coaches up top said that the officials would have to give us the ball. So, we had our next run formation ready to go in there. And as it turns out, they didn't give us the ball."

On the Redskins' three interceptions

Smoot: "These are two good offensive teams so we knew we had to play well defensively. We are top-flight security back there in the secondary, and I am proud to be a member."

Bailey on the Patriots' quarterback's decision to test him: "Maybe Tom Brady isn't a very bright guy."

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