Behind Enemy Lines: McNabb and Reid

The Eagles quarterback and coach discuss their matchup with the Redskins.

Donovan McNabb

Q: What was different about you and your offense in Buffalo?
A: Just production. We had a lot of mistakes in the first two games which we learned from. We know we're a better team. We've watched film and talked about it. We showed people what kind of team we have. It's a start and something we can feed off of.

Q: What difference do you see in the Redskins this year?
A: I see everyone getting involved. Everyone was down on Patrick Ramsey last year. I think he's a good quarterback. I thought he was good last year. He just needed some reps and experience. Now you can see he's out there playing and doing a great job. I think Laveranues Coles and the rest of their acquisitions have provided help for them.

Q: What problems does Champ pose for a quarterback?
A: He's one of the best corners in the league. Everyone would back me on that. He gives them leeway at the corner position for the defense to blitz and play man coverage because he's on the right corner.

Q: Did Rush Limbaugh's comments upset you?
A: Yeah it did. It upset a whole lot of people. But I don't get involved in that too much. Hopefully that will take care of itself. But obviously you would have thought we were past that.

Q: Do you plan to speak to him?
A: There's no need for me to speak to him. When people say things obviously there are things on their mind. He's not the first one to ever have felt that. There are probably a lot of people who are happy he said it. I'm not one of them. So there's no need for me to talk to him one on one.

Q: Was it frustrating that after a couple tough games people said you had lost something?
A: I don't see how you lose anything when you're only going into your fifth year. It's a new year and everything changes. You might not play as well as you did the year before or start out that way. Ask Rich Gannon that. Peyton Manning didn't play well last year but he's starting to play well now. People game plan to stop what you do and you have to give credit to the people you play against.

Q: Are you more conscious of staying in the pocket?
A: Not necessarily. I'm just trying to go through my reads and progressions. In doing that maybe it looks like I'm staying in the pocket too long. We're going off a few weeks of performance. It's a long year. You live and you learn. If nothing's there then I'll just be me.

Q: How many times a game do teams spy on you?
A: That I don't know. And I try not to focus on that.

Q: Has that been a Redskins strategy?
A: Not necessarily. They've had at times where LaVar has been my spy and other times they just play their defense. You get a mixed bag of tricks.


Q: What's is Troy Vincent's status?
A: He won't practice today. We have him listed as questionable.

Q: What about the rest of your defensive backfield?
A: We'll see. It's a day to day thing. Dawkins will not play. We'll see about the others.

Q: When you heard about Rush Limbaugh's comments, did you find that upsetting?
A: Number one, I havent' heard what he said. And number two I'm not sure who he is.

Q: What was the difference in your offense last week?
A: We executed a little better. That was very important and I probably stressed the running game more in the first couple games.

Q: How is Washington's offense different with Canidate and Betts than with Stephen Davis?
A: Canidate is a different back in stature than Davis. One's a quicker scatback and the other is a more powerful guy. But they're both great players and Betts adds to that also. I don't think it's just one style for another style.

Q: Have you noticed a difference in Spurrier's play calling?
A: I guess the most noticeable thing is he's probably sticking to the run more than last year. But I think he's one of the fine play callers in this league. I felt that way at the college level and I felt that way last year. It's just everyone has a better understanding of his system.

Q: With him sticking to the run, is that a sign has he adjusted to what it takes to win in the NFL?
A: I think the thing about coach Spurrier is he will do whatever it takes to win the game and to be effective on offense and that's what you're seeing.

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