Ask Matt Bowen

This should be a good test for us at Philadelphia. Hopefully we can keep this run going. Thanks again for the questions and keep those coming, too. Ask me about the past game or the upcoming game. I'll answer what I can.

Q: Matt, hey man I just want to say keep up the good work, you look great out there. I really want you guys to shut the Bucs up. I live in Tampa, and the fans down here are so fair weather. Please beat the Bucs. Thanks man and tell Champ we love him and for him to please stay.

A: I appreciate the kinds words. I'll pass along the message.

Q: Why is the defense having a hard time putting pressure on other teams quarterbacks?

A: I think we are putting pressure on the quarterback. There's a lot of things fans don't see, like on Rashad's interception against New England. Brady had to throw it earlier than he wanted to because he had a defensive lineman in his face.

Q: Hey, Matt, I see Bruce Smith getting the crowd pumped up a lot. What's the the attitude from the rest of the squad?I like seeing motors going out there.

A: I think the more emotional we are the better we play. The looser we are the better we play. We're a defense that likes to have fun on the field.

Q: I'm a former West Suburban Silver Conference player from Proviso West High. Yo, Matt can I get some workout info bro?

A: Glad to hear from a rival. Sorry, I can't give any workout tips because I train differently than a lot of people. I train explosive training to be a football player. You don't want to do that for a basic workout. I do a lot of Olympic lifting, power clean, all things to make me a faster player.

Q: We're you a torpedo in a previous life? Do you go around slamming into things in your free hours, you seem to love it so? You seem so focused on the hit--how do you manage to keep an eye out for fumbles like in the game with the Pats?

A: I just play aggressive. . . . The reason I got that fumble is because I run to the play. If you run to the ball, good things happen.

Q: The defense looks great one minute and then, boom, a big play for a touchdown. Is it a matter of you all playing together for some weeks before all the pieces come together and we see 60 minutes of football greatness?

A: We just have to tidy things up. You also have to remember we're not playing high school players. Sometimes it's competitive and you can't win every battle. You just want to win more than you lose.

Q: Skins all the way?

A: Sure. Every team thinks that. That's why you go through two a days and come to work every day. It's all about confidence in difficult situations, like that last drive we had during the New England game. On an average team they go in and score. Good confident teams shut them down.

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