Going up: . . .Safety David Terrell has started strong, even though he occasionally doesn't provide enough deep help. Terrell has blitzed well and hasn't been a weakness against the run. For now, he's held off veteran Keith Lyle.

. . .Quarterback Tony Banks. If for no other reason than he's different than Jeff George. Not that he's better, but change in this case could be good. And Banks' calm demeanor in the huddle, if mixed with a good pass or two, could make the difference Sunday. Also, he's more excitable than the businesslike George. Not much, but definitely more. Going down: . . .Right guard David Brandt. His knee injury cost him a start versus the Packers, but the Redskins seem to feel that they need more experience at this position. Enter Matt Campbell. . . .Line coach Joe Pendry. Word is, he's second-guessing offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye in meetings. If that's the case, it's no wonder Pendry has bounced around. But why is he on the staff if this is true?

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