Post Game Quotes

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ``We tell them each week that there's a chance we'll have to audible if they're going to rush all of them up in there. We have to catch it, take a three-step drop and get the ball out quick. For some reason when Patrick starts talking, someone starts flinching. We'll keep working on it. That's all I know how do. It's frustrating that we can't stay on-side. Maybe we should play [reserve] Lennie Friedman. I wonder if he can stay on-side.''

Spurrier on whether or not they'd eliminate the audibles, ``It's possible. If you have a play called and they're rushing eight guys, you can just get sacked and say at least w didn't jump offside. They rushed eight guys occasionally. You've got to get out of some protections when they're storming the gates.''

Redskins WR Darnerien McCants on if the team figured it would beat Philly with the pass, ``That was the plan. But they blitzed us quite often. It was tougher to get to the deep routes. I'd look around and Patrick would be picking himself off the ground. They were just bringing more than we could block.''

Spurrier, ``I don't have the answers. I've never quite been stumped by the Eagles and Giants like we are. We find a way to lose. We can play with them, but playing with them and winning are two different things.''

Spurrier, ``It's frustrating watching the way we play. We dropped passes and we gave them two touchdowns. We keep getting penalties every time we get going. I'm frustrated with a lot of these guys. I don't know what to say. We've got to coach better.''

Redskins QB Patrick Ramsey on the failed two-point conversion, ``He was open and I overthrew the ball. It's as simple as that.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, ``I don't understand some of the calls we get sometimes. Regan was just getting a guy off him and the Eagles were hitting late all game. All of a sudden it's a personal foul? I don't understand it.''

Arrington, ``We got some tough breaks. Maybe the football gods weren't smiling down at us. Bad calls are part of the game and you've got to play through them. But we don't seem to get a break.''

Redskins LB Jessie Armstead, ``There's only so much the coaches can do. A coach can harp on it and do backward flips. But it's up to the players not to make stupid decisions. We're not a smart team and we've got smart players out there. There are some things you can't do in this league. You make mistakes and a good coaching staff will capitalize on that.''

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, ``I can't get into me showing everyone what I'm capable of doing or making a statement. I can only focus on just trying to come out with a win and win consistently.''

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