Redskins Park Update: Wednesday

Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington gave a mouthful toward Tampa Bay's Warren Sapp. ``I'm expecting for Warren to cause me to grab him because he's going to try and run through our lineups in pregame [as he's done in the past],'' Arrington said. ``You never let a man run through your stretching line. That's a blatant show of disrespect.''

Arrington also said it's disrespectful to have Sapp play offense. He's used as a tight end in short-yardage situations.

``If they line him up on my side I'm going to get him,'' Arrington said. ``Warren Sapp, I'm going to get you. It's disrespectful to put defensive linemen on offense. You come out there, you're going to get some killers on the other side of the ball just like you're a killer when you're on defense. It'll be a very intense game.''

But here's the thing: Arrington was saying this in a very playful manner. On a scale of 1-10 in terms of seriousness, most gave it a 5, at most. It had the feel of a WWF smackoff, where there might be a hint of truth, but most of it was just done in fun.

Besides, at one point, Arrington called Sapp ``my boy.'' Then again, when Arrington returned to the locker room after his group interview, he sat around with his teammates talking about how much he hated when defensive linemen play offense.

. . . Right guard Randy Thomas is listed as questionable for Sunday's game because of a knee he tweaked against the Eagles. Thomas did not practice today and isn't certain whether or not he'll go Thursday.

Derrick Dockery would start in his place. Left guard Dave Fiore, who missed the past two games, returned to practice.

. . . Corner Champ Bailey isn't as impressed with Bucs receiver Keyshawn Johnson as some others are. Johnson is listed as questionable with a thigh contusion.

``I really don't care if he plays or not,'' Bailey said. ``When people focus on him they focus on what he says and not how he plays. He's a good receiver, but if you want to look at the top three or four in the league, he's not one of them.''

. . . By the way, for those wondering how many players were laughing and giggling in the locker room after the Eagles' loss, I can say it wasn't many. At most I saw one or two guys laughing a little, but there was no widespread giggles going around. And the players I talked to -- Jon Jansen, Arrington, Jessie Armstead, Bruce Smith, Jeremiah Trotter, Patrick Ramsey -- all were visibly upset. Jansen and Armstead looked ready to fight someone.

But I saw nothing out of the ordinary as far as how a team handled losing. Every other beat reporter I talked to said the same thing. Those who said they did aren't usually in a visiting team's football locker room after a game. I don't doubt someone saw what they saw, but I do think it needs to be put in perspective. Also, visiting locker rooms are tiny so if a couple guys look like they're laughing it stands out more than if you see it in the huge home locker rooms.

. . . One Redskins veteran said he's tired of coach Steve Spurrier's negative comments toward players when it comes to mistakes.

``I felt better about myself as a player when we were 0-5 under Marty than being 3-2 with this guy,'' the player said.

Not sure everyone else feels that way. But it could be something worth watching. The player said there's a lot of friction right now. Of course, everyone knows they could be better than 3-2 and a win Sunday will ease any friction.

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