Chat Transcript: Champ Bailey would like to thank Redskins cornerback Champ Bailey for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to chat with his many hardcore fans. Enclosed is the transcript in it's entirety.

Champ Bailey: Hi everyone. I'm ready for your questions.

Q: sold. Champ, what are the difference between Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier as head coaches?

Champ Bailey: You got coach Spurrier is not as ... Marty is more of a disciplinarian. If you do something wrong or you miss a meeting you get a maximum fine. He's big on things like that. But as far as wanting to win they're the same.

Q: Stephen, I'd like to ask Champ who he considers his toughest opponent he has ever faced?? Thanx in advance if you can ask this

Champ Bailey: Probably Marvin Harrison. Because he can do everthing. He's fast and quick. He's everything. He doesn't have many weaknesses.

Q: When you were in your first few years in the league, you were able to learn from one of the greats of the game in Darrell Green. How does it feel now, knowing that younger players like Fred and Rashad look up to you in the same way?

Champ Bailey: The thing I try to do now is lead by example more than anything. We talk a lot, but you have to do it on the field. I know they watch me a lot just like I used to watch Deion and Darrell a lot. With guys like that you have to lead by example more than anything. But I'm not feeling old yet.

Q: What is different in the defense from playing last season under Marvin Lewis and this season under George Edwards?

Champ Bailey: Not much. Not much. But this year I'm doing more covering a certain receiver than last year. I did it some last year but not as much as last year.

Q: Champ, I know you're focused on football, but have you given any thought to, if all things are equal(pay, etc), remaining a Skin for life?

Champ Bailey: That's always my goal. I definitely want to remain a Skin. But it's not in my control. It's not just my decision. Time will tell what happens.

Q: champ what's the plan for the corner's if Keyshawn isn't playing. Kalireanna

Champ Bailey: Nothing changes. Everything doesn't revolve around him so nothing changes.

Q: For Champ -- what does he like to do during his down time? in the off-season?

Champ Bailey: Exactly what I'm doing now. Just sitting around with my son and my family, just taking it easy.

Q: what do you think is the best way for us to improve and in what areas do we need more work in

Champ Bailey: Getting too many penalties. We need to become more consistent. That's the main two things. We do a lot of things well, but we do bad things too. We can preventthat if we pay attention to what we do.

Q: Who was your favorite and/or most influential player growing up?

Champ Bailey: Walter Payton. He was just good. I was a running back when I was little and I liked watching him. He was the greatest to me.

Q: i should be doing a physiology lab right now, but i figured this was more important.... anyway, my question is do you think practicing against laveranues coles has made you a better corner? and him a better WR?

Champ Bailey: Going against Laveranues, it goes both ways. He's emerging to be one of the tops in the game and he's showing it every week. I told him if he can get through this year and next year doing what he's doing he gets my vote to be tops...He's one of a kind because he can be blazing down the field and just stop. that's hard. I've learned to deal with that. He reminds me of Marvin HArrison a little bit. They running fast and next thing you know they going to the right. That's why we should be paid more than them! That's hard!

Q: Hey Champ. We're big fans of yours (we got two dogs one named Champ and the other Bailey). I'm just wondering if we will ever see you on offense for a special play or two?

Champ Bailey: I would love it, but I don't think you'll see it any time soon.

Q: Champ, having lost two division games, how important is this Bucs game for team morale?

Champ Bailey: Well, it's not about what we've done in the past. We're aware we've lost two games. But the Bucs game is the most important. Any time you're on the field that game is important. It doesn't matter who it is.

Q: Champ, what is your favorite jersey combo? Also, any idea when we will see all burgandy?

Champ Bailey: We talked about it, but it's all up to coach. Hopefully he'll let us do it one day. I like the all whites. They're nice, but I'd like to see how the all burgundy looks.

Q: i'm harrassed alot in ""EAGLE'S' territory, do you feel the same coming here in Philly?

Champ Bailey: They harass you but it doesn't bother me. I feed of it and use that energy to motivate me. Not that I need it, but that's what I do.

Q: Champ, there was a story in the Wash. Post this week about players laughing and joking after the loss this past weekend. How much of that was going on? Is it something you take seriously, or was it overstated?

Champ Bailey: I really can't comment on that because I don't remember anyone laughing or giggling to make it seem like they didn'tcare. In my opinion once I come off the field I feel like I left it on the line. But it's time to move on. Whatever it takes to move on.. I don't want to see people moping, but you don't want to see people laughing or giggling real loud. But it's OK to have fun.

Q: If you could play against any Wide Receiver, past or present, who would you pick and why?

Champ Bailey: I'd say Jerry Rice in his prime because he's the greatest ever. You can measure your talent by playing the greatest.

Q: <Boss Bailey> Champ, we love your brother Boss here in Detroit and hope you will join him here next year..have you thought about wanting to play with your brother?

Champ Bailey: Oh, man, I've always loved playing with my brother. Ever since he's been playing we've played togeher on the same team. It would be nice but I won't let that affect my decision. I'll make the best decision for me and my family.

Q: If there is a cance for another question , can I ask Champ how important Matt Bowen and Iffy's play is to him and the other DB's and if their presence has helped improve himand the guys around him, and has Champ ever being the UK?

Champ Bailey: For one, the two safeties are very aggressive and they don't mind taking chances and they'll knock you out. They're aggressive and I like that. We've been missing that the past few years, the confidence and aggressivness in our safeties... No, I've never been there.

Q: How much time do you spend in a week preparing for a particular receiver you have to face?

Champ Bailey: Probably about 3-4 hours a film a day, at least

Q: Champ, how does the team prepare for a team like tampa that blew a big lead late in their previous game, knowing that they are really ticked off?

Champ Bailey: Just like any other game. You can't go out there and try to match their emotions and figure out what they're thinking. You have to take care of what you have to do. There's no point worrying about what they're feeling or doing.

Q: Hi, Champ. Thanks for making time for this chat. I'm wondering about how you prepare mentally for the season and the games. What kind of ""mental exercises"" have you tried in the off-season or before games?

Champ Bailey: Well, I feel I have a strong mind and I think the preparation starts with your heart. You have to love this game, for one. When I prepare for it, mentally it all depends on who I'm playing. I don't do anything different. I love to play so it doesn't take much to get me ready to play.

Q: Champ, there have been recent reports that the Skins and your agent are talking again. Has there been any movement towards a contract resolution?

Champ Bailey: Nothing's going on right now. Not sure where you got that one from.

Q: Champ, I know that the contract that was offered to you had a bonus divided in a couple parts, if it were all up front would you have accepted?

Champ Bailey: I don't want to get into that. I can't say if I would have or wouldn't have. Obviously it wasn't the deal I wanted.

Q: Champ, the penalties and mistakes. They mostly seem due to a lack of concentration, and perhaps on offense because of the complexity of how we audible. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Champ Bailey: I have time for two more questions.

Champ Bailey: Well, that's the offense. I can't concern myself with what they're doing. I'm not over there. They'd have more insight on that. I just take care of my job and let them take care of theirs.

Q: Champ, what will it be like facing former teammate Brad Johnson? Does it help you in preparation that you played together for 2 years?

Champ Bailey: Not too much. I'm aware of what he's capable of. Brad is a great quarterback. He doesn't get a lot of respect for some reason. I'm looking forward to playing against him.

Champ Bailey: One more?

Q: This question is from a Skins fan surviving in Dallas.There was talk of a players only meeting. Has that happened this week?

Champ Bailey: No it hasn't happened this week. But it's bound to happen. I don't know when. It's something we probably will do. It happens every year, it's nothing out of the ordinary. I don't think we're so far removed from where we want to be that we need it, but it always helps to have a talk like that. Coming from different players, people grasp it more. You respect your older players like Bruce.

Q: Thanks for the time Champ. Good luck on Sunday and with your contract negotiations

Champ Bailey: Thanks for the questions. Nice chatting with you and I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

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