Ask Matt Bowen

On the same day we lost to the Eagles, the Cubs finally won a playoff series. That was a little unfair that it had to happen on a day we lost. But I'd still rather us win and they lose when it all comes down to it. Hopefully we can both win this weekend.

Q: Do you have any Redskins greats that you really admire or look up to and if so why?

A: Just from meeting the guys I've met here like Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen, because they're classy people. I'm a big fan of NFL Films and you always see stuff about them. Usually this happens in college sports that you see guys still supportive of your school. But here you have Sonny and Sam Huff around. I like that.

Q: What do you think the Redskins record will be and do you think they'll make the playoffs?

A: I have no idea what our record will be. Maybe five or 10 years ago you could predict a team's record. But it's too hard now. Not that everyone's on an even plane, but everyone has good players. As for the playoffs, I know that you have to go .500 or better in your division and you have to win at home. If you win at home during the season, if you win six at home then you can go .500 on the road and you'll make the playoffs.

Q: Why is it game after game we watch the opposing quarterback is allowed to stand in the pocket so long without being pressured. The Redskins very seldom blitz the QB. We have some of the best covermen in the game, why give the QB so much time?

A: I think teams that blitz a lot don't have enough faith in their defensive backs. When you blitz the ball comes out quicker, it has to or else the quarterback gets destroyed so the defensive back only has to cover for two seconds and then break on the ball.

Q: How do you think the season is going and why?

A: We're at a deciding point in our season the next couple weeks. We can either go in the right direction or the wrong direction depending on these next couple games. Not saying we have to win in order to make the playoffs, but we have to play well and then when we come back from the bye week we have that tough stretch.

Q: Do you like when players talk before games the way LaVar did?

A: It's fun. It brings excitement to it. But both are having fun. They're both good with the media and good at what they do with the cameras. No one takes that serious. At least I don't.

Q: You're a Cubs fan so how emotionally involved do you still get, considering you're a pro athlete?

A: I get pretty excited watching the Cubs, the same way I used to. I'm a homer. I'm the same way with the Bulls and the Blackhawks. When it's a different professional sport you can get into it. I'll never hit off Kerry Wood and he'll never come across the middle against me. I can cheer for that guy. But I'm not going to cheer for Kordell Stewart or those guys.

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