Quotes & Notes: After Bucs

Tampa Bay WR Keyshawn Johnson, ``Their linebackers are very active. Like Lavar, he he just goes all over the place, so we know that. He's not as sound as he should be and whenever you can misdirect them or toss them, they're going to all run that way because they're trying to make plays.''

Johnson on his 39-yard TD catch, ``I think what happened is the safety, uh.......first of all, a safety shouldn't be on a receiver, to start with. .... he just put himself in a position to be exposed, I guess. I mean that's what I do. What do you want me to say, that's what happens.''

Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier, ``I'm concerned about our blocking. Patrick is a tough young man. The Bucs give a lot of teams pressure. We can't run every down. We have to throw some passes and do the best we can. Hopefully we can block a little better as we go through the season, if not we're in trouble. We're not doing it well enough to beat a lot of teams right now.''

Redskins FS Matt Bowen, ``It's far from over. It's a long seson. We start from scratch and get back to work. There's not going to be anyone on this team that quits, I can tell you that.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington on Warren Sapp, ``He came up to be and was laughing. I had to let him know it was a sign of respect. he understood and we embraced and wished each other luck. It's part of the game.''

Arrington, ``I felt like in every game we've played we were a better team. I have no answer. I can sit here and keep trying to figure out why games get away from us. I can't come up with a conclusion. I don't know. I've been a part of seasons when we lost because a team was better than us. . . . When you know inside that you're better than a team and you continually lose . . . I don't understand it.''

Redskins DE Bruce Smith, ``Each player has to be very critical of how he plays, what plays he didn't play well on. Those are the plays that beat us. We have to make sure we own up to it and go from there.''

Tampa Bay QB Brad Johnson on Patrick Ramsey, ``Obviously he has a big arm. I was impressed with him before, but after seeing him today, the guy has got an unbelievable future. He has great composure, manages the game really well and he's only going to get better. He's going to have a great career. It's a lot of fun watching him.''

Tampa Bay DT Warren Sapp on the Redskins' defense, ``We can talk about individual talent, but that doesn't win in the NFL. You have to stand together and I have to be able to trust that you are going to be where you are supposed to be and you need to trust that I am going to be where I am supposed to be.''

Redskins LB Jeremiah Trotter, ``We were two different teams from the first half to the second half. I don't know what went wrong.''

Redskins RT Jon Jansen, ``This team has showed its character in the previous five games. We've come back from a lot more than a 3-3 record. I know guys won't cash it in because there's so much ahead of us.''

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Not too much to say except that Tampa Bay played very well. They kicked our tails, They're a better team than we are.

They made some big third downs as we know. . .They seemed to get stronger as the game went on and we didn't. . .It seemed like every time they lobbed one up in the air they came down with it on third down

We stayed on the field with them early in the game, but we didn't get many points.

They were obviously a lot stronger than us from about the middle of the third quarter to the end of the game.

I think we blew an assignment on that third and 18, we had nobody in the flat and he hit the running back out there. Good teams can't do those kinds of things.

We still haven't figured out that little naked pass where they fake one way and throw it the other way (to the tight end).

They played a lot better than us and a lot smarter than us.

Why did you pull Ramsey: "Because I thought we couldn't catch them. He wanted to go back in, but I said no, I don't want you to get beat up any more than you are. Let's rest up and fight another day."

(On the fumble on the first drive of the game) The first guy (Rice) that hit him (Ramsey) in the back, we had the tight end in blocking, I think he missed him, missed him pretty quickly. . .Our tight end just completely whiffed him from what they told me up top.

(On one sack) Our left guard decided not to pull on that play. He forgot to, rookie (Derrick Dockery) decided not to pull

(On the interception on the long pass to Gardner in the third quarter) Patrick maybe could have thrown it a hair sooner, but then he got bumped as he was throwing it. It looked like (Gardner) had a step. . .So it goes as an interception instead of a possible touchdown that would have put us back up. That was the big play in the game.


You've got to give those guys credit. They came out in the second half and made some big plays and we didn't make any. That's what happens when the other team makes plays and you don't

Nobody on defense made plays. Nobody.

(Talking about the tight end on the bootleg play) He's everybody's responsibility, everybody. It could be anybody, it could be my respbonsibility at times.


(On his injury) My shoulder pad buckled in the middle, press right into the middle of my chest.


In the second half we just kind of fell apart, after the interception, we went downhill from there.

They did a great job, Tampa's a great team.

It's getting old. We've got to find it within ourselves to stop making the silly mistakes. . .right now we're hurting ourselves, shooting ourselves in the foot.


Watch the film, learn from it, and move on.

They didn't bring a lot of blitzes that hit me, they just did a great job.

(On the long interception) We tried to throw it down their over their heads. . .I got a little pressure and I underthrew the ball.

We can beat these teams.


You have to execute. In the second half we didn't, it's that simple.


It's frustrating. They made plays and we didn't.

We can recover from this because we're .500 and we have 10 games left. . .We're not going to cash it in, there's so much ahead of us.


We've got to come out smoking next week, get back on the winning track.


(On Keyshawn Johnson's long TD catch) He beat me, I was the one covering him, I have up the touchdown. He was my man

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