Behind Enemy Lines: Gregg Williams

The Buffalo coach is facing questions similar to what Steve Spurrier's getting. Mainly, what's gone wrong lately? And what's up with the pass protection. Williams shared his thoughts with the Washington media Wednesday afternoon.

Q: What's the latest on Eric Moulds?

A: He's listed as questionable but he's done a tremendous job in the past of getting back out there. He was on the field yesterday doing a couple things. We'll take it day by day and see how much he can do.

Q: What's different in your team after the two early games?

A: We haven't had any offensive rhythm. We haven't been able to establish some of the things that we did early in the year. Maybe we're pressing a little bit. Maybe we're trying to get too much. We have to get back to the basics.

Q: What's happened to the pass protection?

A: The offensive line has taken heat on that. But it's not all on them. We had two cover sacks last game where the ball has to come out faster and another one came when two running backs busted protection. Those negative plays make it tougher to call a game and there's potential for turnovers every time you're sacked in the pocket. We were making progress until the last game.

Q: What stands out about the Redskins?

A: They may be the fastest team we've played so far. They're very athletic on defense, especially the linebacker group and the corners. They're very stout up front. They've improved that aspect of their team. They're solid in their receiving corps. We know Laveranues Coles very well. He's playing better than I've ever seen him play. He's a very strong performer. They;re getting him the ball in a lot of ways. They have a very athletic offensive line. The quarterback is a rising young star. I told our team this will be one of the teams we play where the quarterback has as strong an arm as Drew Bledsoe.

Q: What's Coles doing better?

A: He looks like he's playing with more of a carefree attitude, making plays all over the field. He's done a very good job in the run after the catch. We've always known he was a deep threat. We've always known he has special skills. He's made some difficult catches. We have a lot of respect for him. He's done very well. He's brought confidence and electricity to that offense. He's a big piece to that puzzle down there.

Q: If Bruce breaks the sack record, should the game be stopped?

A: We haven't even talked about that. I'm sure that's something we'll talk about [later]. We hope he gets the record, we just hope it doesn't happen this week.

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