Redskins Park Update: Wednesday

The Redskins were considered lucky earlier this year to face teams who were banged up. Now the Redskins are one of those teams. Corner Fred Smoot is definitely out for Sunday's game at Buffalo and running back Trung Canidate said Wednesday that he won't play, either.

Defensive tackle Jermaine Haley didn't practice and might even need surgery on his thumb. Then there's Dave Fiore, who said he'll know by the end of the week if he needs arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, to clean it up a bit.

``Then we'll make a big push to come back in two weeks,'' he said. ``That's my best scenario right now. But after talking to several [physicians] I feel better. I'm able to come in and feel good. I even cracked a smile today.''

But coach Steve Spurrier isn't as optimistic about Fiore, fearing he could miss substantial time. Rookie Derrick Dockery will start in Fiore's place for the fourth straight game.

As for Smoot, there's a chance he'll miss the Dallas game, too. He appears to be in pain just walking around at Redskins Park. We haven't seen him smile in a few days, a very odd occurence for Smoot.

. . . Yes, the Redskins might use a 3-4 a bit more Sunday. But don't count on it being a staple. They already use it on occasion.

``It's just a different look,'' Arrington said. ``And it's a different look for us so we have to learn it, too. We've played it a little bit but that's totally different from playing it all the time. It's different personnel.''

. . . Give Arrington credit for owning up to his mistakes. He knows he needs to do a better job focusing on his assignments.

Also, defensive coordinator George Edwards said he'll simplify some of the schemes to help. But Arrington knows he can do better.

``I told my teammates that I'll be more focused and be more about my business,'' Arrington said. ``I've been too loose around here. Guys need to focus on the little things as far as our assignments. If I mess up one assignment and it's a costly assignment, then yes I'm accountable. You always have to look at yourself first. I don't look at other people and say you should be doing better. I say what can I do to make this team better. How can it be infectious to the other guys? I'm focused on whatever needs to be done.''

Teammate Jessie Armstead noticed.

``He was making the checks, making the calls and he didn't mess up any plays,'' Armstead said. ``One thing about it is that he's a bright guy. As long as he stays focused he'll get better.''

. . . Corner Rashad Bauman knows where the Bills will look Sunday. Right at him. And he doesn't blame them.

Bauman will be making his first start in place of Fred Smoot.

``I know I have the best in the world on the other side of me [in Champ Bailey],'' Bauman said. ``It's just common sense. Hopefully I'll step up and they'll shy away from me a little bit. But if they do come at me I'm up for the challenge.''

Bauman said his biggest adjustment will be moving from covering the slot receiver to one on the outside. There's more space, but he also knows the receiver's options are a little more limited outside.

``On the outside it's one move and this or one move and that,'' he said. ``I have to use that to my advantage.''

It remains to be seen how the Redskins approach their coverages. With Eric Moulds questionable for the Bills with groin injury, it's uncertain who Bailey will cover. Bobby Shaw and Josh Reed are not big-time speed guys.

Either way, don't expect Bauman to mimic Smoot.

``I'm more aggressive,'' Bauman said. ``Fred is more flashy, flamboyant. I'm more aggressive and a little more old school. I don't do too much of the dress up stuff. I just play to the best of my ability.''

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