The Redskins held a players-coaches meeting Monday, with players voicing gripes and concerns. Their main complaints centered around the amount of work they're asked to do and how much time they spent at Redskin Park.

Also, they don't like that the coaches often police them, failing to build trust. One player said half the team rose to speak. Another, however, said some of the complaints make them sound ''spoiled.'' That, if the players worked in the real world, they'd put in even more work. And tight end Stephen Alexander said ''no changes need to be made.'' But, one veteran said, he's not sure whether or not the coaches will do anything about their complaints. And coach Marty Schottenheimer said he, too, isn't sure he'll do anything aside from ''insignificant changes.'' One more thing: much has been made about the Oklahoma Drill on the first day of training camp. Reports suggest that got the players and coaches off on the wrong foot. Don't believe it says one veteran. ''We loved it,'' he said. But there is most certainly a group of older vets who didn't like it. The meeting was a good place to start. Until results are seen on the field, however, nothing much will change.

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