Redskins Park Update: Thursday

Left guard Dave Fiore will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Friday, causing him to likely miss at least the next two games. Fiore is shooting for a Nov. 9 return against Seattle. That might be pushing it.

At one point he had nixed any thoughts of surgery. But this week, after more consultation with doctors, Fiore opted for surgery.

He had considered proceeding with just medication, hoping that and rest would do the trick. But doctors told him he could do that and then still need surgery in three weeks.

``Then I'd really be out,'' he said. ``If they an flush out the knee and it's less irritated, I can get back on the field soon.''

. . . Look for defensive end Ladairis Jackson to be active this weekend, though there's always a chance Steve Spurrier would opt for five receivers and leaving Jackson inactive. It wouldn't be the first time this season.

One reason Jackson hasn't been active before was that he needed to strengthen his quad, after having surgery on his knee at the end of last season. Jackson said he's healthy and has his burst back. We'll see Sunday. We think.

. . . Running back Trung Canidate did not practice. He's listed as doubtful and there's almost no way he'll play. Even he doubts it.

. . . Redskins secondary coach George Catavolos likes second-year corner Rashad Bauman.

``He studies as well as anybody,'' Catavolos said. ``He understands the defense and plays with leverage and has an outstanding competitive nature. This guy is a tireless worker. It's unfortunate the injury happened to Fred. But this gives Rashad an opportunity to show his worth.''

. . . Kicker John Hall is prepared for whatever weather he'll face Sunday in Buffalo. The early forecast calls for 49 degrees and rain. Hall has kicked six times in Buffalo.

``You can usually count on wind or rain or snow or a Nor'easter or something,'' he said.

To compensate, Hall will go onto the field a bit earlier, monitoring the wind. He'll watch the nets behind the goal posts and the flags atop the stadium. Or he'll throw the ball around to get a feel for the wind. During the game, he might aim a little more one way or the other and holder Bryan Barker might help by tilting the ball a certain way.

. . . Hall has impressed his teammates with his ability to tackle. He won the Louisville Slugger award for the best special teams hit after the win over New England. He also drilled Tampa's Aaron Stecker last week.

``I've never played with a kicker like that,'' Redskins safety Matt Bowen said. ``John has a defensive mentality and that's cool. When he kicks off he's a defensive player. He gets up in people's faces and talks a little bit. He doesn't shy away from contact and that goes a long way with your teammates.''

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