Ask Matt Bowen

After watching the Cubs the other night I'm glad I have a job where I get to hit people. By the way, I don't blame that fan who tried to catch the foul ball. Any fan would have done the same thing. Thanks for the questions. This is a big game for us Sunday.

Q: Great job so far this year. You seem to be all over the field and have a good nose for the ball. I apologize if this has been asked before, but what would you say are the biggest differences between the fan base here in Washington and the fan base in Green Bay? If that is a bit much since you have only been here a short time, how about the difference in atmospheres at the stadium? Thanks for your time.

A: The fans in Washington and the fans in Green Bay are both some of the best fans in the league. The difference in the stadiums is that Lambeau is more historic than FedEx, but it would be the same if we were still playing in RFK. It's a different atmosphere, but we didn't have the band and the Funky Four in Green Bay.

From: Dan
Q: Matt you are the man and are playing great this year. Keep it up. I was wondering if your jersey was out in stores or not? And if I could somehow get an autographed picture of you if that is at all possible? Thanks for just reading this and I'll still be your number one fan no matter what. Have a good game this week.

A: Thank you. I don't know about the jersey, but send a request to Redskin Park and I'll see what I can do about the picture.

From: Matt
Q: How tough is it to face a strong-armed quarterback like Drew Bledsoe?

A: It's tough because you don't want to take too many chances. If you sit short on something he'll throw it over your head. He's like a Brett Favre or Patrick Ramsey. They're not afraid to stick it in there because they have all the confidence in the world in their throwing arms.

From: Chris
Q: What's your favorite road stadium?

A: I'm a big fan of Carolina. That's a nice stadium. But nothing beats the atmosphere of playing in the Meadowlands, just because of the New York people. It's fun to try and win up in New York. From: unnamed
Q: Is it easy to put a game like last week behind you?

A: It's easier for the players than it is for the fans. Because the fans have to think about it all week. They don't get to watch until next Sunday. With us, we watch film right away and then by Wednesday we move on. It's not hard for us.

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