Spurrier Denies Story

Steve Spurrier has denied a report on CBS Sportsline.com that suggested he was not happy coaching in the NFL and had considered quitting.

Know this about Spurrier: he's the most honest coach I've been around.

But know this: I've heard the same rumors (and have put some of them in the Warpath magazine). And the word around the league has always been that Spurrier would only last two seasons. That started from the moment he was hired in Washington.

What's the problem? A few things. For one, he and owner Dan Snyder are not exactly best friends. Spurrier has rather high ethics and is described as an honorable man. Snyder will never be described that way, except by those who are afraid of him. Spurrier is not afraid of him and never will be. It's an oil and water mix.

I'd heard that Spurrier did indeed consider quitting after last season, but it was more of a threat than reality. He essentially caught Snyder not being truthful with him and said that kind of stuff must change. Or else.

Spurrier also hears back about things Snyder might say about him at league meetings or to other reporters. And he's not always happy to hear such things because they're not always positive. Spurrier, from what others have told me, also doesn't like the way Snyder treats people and there's a massive distrust between many of the coaches and the front office. Those who prefer to cast a blind eye toward Snyder might not like to hear that, but it's true. This is not the Redskins organization of the past. Not even close.

But Spurrier also has never seemed pleased with the NFL game. He always wanted to see if his system could work in the NFL -- others say they want to win in the NFL. In the NFL, it's much harder to control the roster than it is in college. Witness the final cuts.

And Spurrier is someone who likes instant gratification. In the NFL, it's usually a building game. That times time, energy and usually means more losing.

Add it up and that's why it wouldn't surprise me if Spurrier somehow is gone after this season. He may be forced out or negotiate some package. That's just a hunch, not based on anything. But I've also been told by others they think Spurrier would rather force Snyder to fire him rather than quit.

Imagine the public relations nightmare that would be for the owner who said this is the guy he had to have.

Still, Spurrier has said he'd give it three years. Again, he's a man of his word and until he proves otherwise I'll believe what he says. That doesn't mean the owner wouldn't make the first move.

Of course, there is a chance for a happy ending. The Redskins just have to win. And that usually solves most problems and would keep the Ballcoach happy. For now.

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