Redskins Park Update - Tuesday

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier backed off some of his emotional statements after the 24-7 loss to Buffalo. But he still didn't think the Redskins gave good effort during the game. A point few would argue.

Still, he said there won't be many, if any, personnel changes. At this point, there aren't any to make. Washington did work out seven players: running back Fred Talley (Arkansas), running back Travis Stephens (Tennessee), defensive back Willie Miles (Tennessee), defensive back Calvin Carlyle (Oregon State), guard Bernard Robertson (Tulane), tackle Mitch White (Oregon State) and end Erik Flowers (Arizona State).

``There's not a lot of changing we can do right now,'' Spurrier said. ``The message right after the game tapers off after your realize this is your team and these are your guys. You don't change a team midseason. But if there are one or two players somewhere on our team who need to play more, that's something we're still looking at.''

. . . Good news for those wondering about Patrick Ramsey's life: The Redskins won't use a blocking scheme that pits a tight end on the defensive end anymore. Other teams do it; they've even done it well in the past. But they lack a pass-blocking tight end.

``It seems like our tight ends are getting put in bad situations,'' Spurrier said. ``We're looking for ways to keep that from happening. Most teams around the league do it, but it's not working well for us.''

It doesn't help if other linemen misread a play. Chris Samuels was supposed to have helped out on the play in which Ramsey got hit and knocked from the game. Last week guard Derrick Dockery didn't help; he was supposed to have pulled on the play in which Ramsey got drilled vs. Tampa Bay.

. . . Guard Lennie Friedman might play more against Dallas, because of how much Dockery has struggled of late.

. . . End Ladairis Jackson only played one snap against the Bills, lining up at defensive tackle late in the game in a pass situation.

. . . The Redskins might consider getting Foge Fazio's opinion of the defensive play. He's listed as a special assistant to personnel in the media guide. But Spurrier called him a consultant. From what I've heard, this is what the coaches were afraid of when he was hired. They saw this coming.

But don't go too hard on Fazio based on his Browns tenure. My source there said Butch Davis deserved some of the blame for the numerous fourth-quarter defensive lapses, ordering prevent defenses (like in the playoff loss to Pittsburgh).

. . . Spurrier did meet with his coaches as well as vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato on Monday. One message Spurrier told his coaches was that their star players must start playing like stars. He wants more from corner Champ Bailey and he wants linebacker LaVar Arrington to stop playing so dumb.

. . . Not sure who will line up at running back against Dallas. Chad Morton is the likely starter as Ladell Betts will miss the game with a broken bone in his forearm. Trung Canidate is still nursing his ankle sprain, though he said today he'll have the boot removed on Thursday. But his status remains highly uncertain. Sultan McCullough could get more of a shot.

. . . Matt Bowen: ``When you're struggling it's tough to talk to anyone, even your parents. It's tough to explain to anyone why you're losing. We only have ourselves. That's all we have right now. We'll come together, win some games and see what happens. It's far from over.''

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