Q&A with: Steve Spurrier

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier met with the media, discussing, among other things, Joe Bugel, who was hired as an offensive consultant.

Q: Have you brought in a couple of consultants?
A: Foge has been with us all year. He was hired before the season started. He watched practice this summer. And Joe Bugel was brought in to watch offensive tapes. Heck, we're always open to new ideas and a better way to do things.

Q: How did Bugel's hiring come about?
A: I'm not sure how. It was brought up, `What do I think about hiring him,' by management, the owner and Vinny. I said, sure bring him in and let him look. Joe is one of the best offensive line coaches in the history of the NFL. We'll listen to whatever suggestions he has.

Q: What can he contribute at this point?
A: He can watch and see what's happening, see if there is a fundamental breakdown, if the schemes are not solid, if guys are getting beat. Shoot, I'm always open to suggestions. When we were winning those championships at Florida, I was open to suggestions. That doesn't mean you're struggling. Bobby Stoops has the number one team in the nation and he came to watch us practice a couple years ago to look for new ideas.

Q: But isn't there a difference between going out and looking for input rather than having it forced on you?
A: That doesn't bother me. If it bothers our assistants they shouldn't feel that way. It's not like we're going up and down the field or stopping everybody. If we can pick up some ideas and suggestions to help the team then, shoot, we have to be all for that.

Q: Did you get wind of LaVar's comments on the radio? He agreed with what you said and does it mean something when those comments come from another player?
A: Gosh, everyone would have to agree with that. Anyone who watched the game could tell Buffalo played with a very high energy level and we didn't. If we're going to compete with teams we play we have to get it up and play our assignments and we have to play a lot faster and at full speed and not miss tackles. Offensively we have to block and throw and run and catch.

Q: How has the offense gone from one end of the spectrum to another?
A: We're struggling right now. I don't have the exact answer. But the Buffalo game was one of the worst. We could have scored 14 points and sometimes that wins games. I don't think I've ever had a team punt 10 times.

Q: Is it your offense or what defenses are doing to you?
A: It's a little of both. We could have had a lot better plays on at times. Sometimes we had good plays on and we didn't execute. Simple as that.

Q: Is there a tendency sometimes for people to forget you have a second-year quarterback and growing pains are normal?
A: I wouldn't put it on patrick completely. Usually all quarterbacks are as good as the people around him and the system and if he has guys open. A lot of times we don't have guys open. We have to get better plays called. Sometimes when we did he didn't throw it.

Q: Is LaVar really in position to talk at this point considering the mistakes he keeps making?
A: Certainly our star players need to pick it up. LaVar is the first to tell you that his play could be better and Chris Samuels would agree about his play. And Champ, the way he played in Atlanta compared to Buffalo was two different games. For us to be successful our top players have to play well. They'll tell you that their performance was not good enough up in Buffalo and hopefully it'll get better because it rubs off on other guys.

Q: Will Bugel work in the office here?
A: You have to ask Vinny that. I think he'll watch tapes back here.

Q: WIll Joe sit in on meetings?
A: No, I don't think so.

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