The Bye Week: Five W's

<B>Who</B> will be arriving at Redskins Park next? Foge Fazio and Joe Bugel were brought in as part-time consultants to give the coaches some ideas as to how to right the ship. If the Redskins continue to struggle, will there be more phones ringing? Richie Petitbon? Jim Hanifan? St. Joe himself?

What is going to happen with the backup quarterback position? Tim Hasselbeck will be attending cram sessions all weekend to try to speed learn Steve Spurrier's offense, but in no way would he be ready if he's needed anytime before December, if then. He's a decent third quarterback, but that's it. So is Gibran Hamdan. Those who thought that Danny Wuerffel was just a phone call away weren't quite right. Spurrier is calling, but Danny's not necessarily answering. The cutting of Rob Johnson is reminiscent of the Dan Wilkinson situation, getting rid of a player without a concrete plan to replace him. It's another case of Ready, Fire, Aim by this organization.

When is the offensive line going to gel? Sure, rookie Derrick Dockery has struggled at times but that shouldn't be enough to drag down the entire unit. Three Pro-Bowl caliber players in Chris Samuels, Jon Jansen, and Randy Thomas should be able to cover for the rookie's mistakes to a degree. Is the problem coach Kim Helton?

Where has Matt Bowen been on defense? He's only been noticed recently when he was torched by the slow-footed Keyshawn Johnson for a long touchdown pass against Tampa Bay. He certainly hasn't been terrible, but there certainly haven't been many of the Sports Center highlight hits we were expecting.

Why can't Steve Spurrier's offense, the pure Fun and Gun, work in the NFL? Or can it? There are two schools of thought on this. One is that the NFL defensive coordinators are too smart, too sophisticated and will come up with defenses that will counter Spurrier's scheme. The other is that talent beats schemes nearly every time and all Spurrier has to do is unleash the big-play potential of Laveranues Coles and Patrick Ramsey and the defense coaches around the league will be scratching their heads. Of course, we'll never know one way or the other if Ramsey can't remain vertical on the five- and seven-step drops the Fun and Gun calls for.

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