Redskins Park Update: Monday

One of the more chaotic weeks in recent Redskins history is over and for that we say, Thank goodness. From Joe Bugel to Foge Fazio to Rob Johnson, it got to be a bit much. Not to mention the Steve Spurrier rumors.

And, on those, we say this: We know he's been displeased and the front office, and management, has created a tough situation for him. We've heard this from too many different people to shrug it off. And there's no doubt the players are tired of the circus-like atmosphere out here. What worried them at one point last week was the thought of going through more change in the offseason.

The Redskins need to ride out this period and remember this: few people, save for their own fans, expected them to be a strong contender this season. That doesn't mean they won't be or that they can't. But the expectations weren't there. Next year was the year many thought they'd be ready to contend.

The front office and management needs to stay patient. That, more than anything, is what I hear from the players.

I also heard that Spurrier got up in front of the team last week and told them that he wasn't going anywhere after the season. That he had promised at least three years and would live up to his word. Though he might be displeased with some things, I have no reason to doubt his word. For the player's sake, I hope he gets a chance to fulfill that third season.

. . . The players seem refreshed and energized after having the weekend off. But the weather didn't match their sunny outlook: it rained all morning, cutting practice short by nearly two hours. Still, things have settled down out here a lot and that's a good thing. I don't remember such a hectic week as last week.

. . . Running back Trung Canidate said his ankle feels good and that he should be ready to play against the Cowboys. Which is good because there's almost no way Ladell Betts can play. Even he doesn't think so.

. . . Darrell Russell could help the Redskins, but at what price? His past doesn't look good and makes for a shady PR move, if you care about that. Daryl Gardener had his issues, but nothing like this. Not even close. Regan Upshaw played with Russell in Oakland and vouches for the guy. Others who knew him out there said he comes off as a pretty good guy, but clearly has issues. Stay tuned.

. . . Linebacker LaVar Arrington caused some of his teammates eyes to roll last week when he popped off about some of his teammates laughing and joking after the game. Not everyone saw what he saw. Some of his teammates just want him to carry out his assignments.

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