Redskins Park Update: Tuesday

It appears the Redskins have the biggest edge when it comes to signing Darrell Russell. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on whether or not you want someone with his background on the roster.

Some coaches in the past have not wanted such a player. And it doesn't appear Steve Spurrier does either. Then again, he really doesn't have much say in the matter. Which is a whole other story.

But, if early reports are accurate that Russell will be in town Wednesday, then look for him to sign by day's end. Because one thing has been proven here: the Redskins usually get who they want.

They're great at turning on the charm and wooing players, using Dan Snyder's private jet as part of the lure. It has worked in the past.

. . . More LaVar: One respected veteran defender, without mentioning Arrington by name, spoke on and on about certain players just need to fill their roles. And how in other cities Arrington's mistakes would be highlighted in the media. That's not the case in Washington.

This player also said the defenders are firmly behind George Edwards. And he said they're starting to see a change in Edwards as he evolves from being a position coach to being the coordinator.

Before, the players could have some input into what Edwards might ask them to do. Now, one player said, a certain linebacker has to treat Edwards as the coordinator and not as his position coach. There's a major difference.

Also, the player said it's easy to just flip on the tape and see what's going on.

``If the ball is going around the end and someone's not there, it's easy to see,'' the player said.

They want Edwards to put his foot down more with the players consistently making these mistakes. And they're confident that will happen.

. . . The Redskins could be left with two players out of position as starters on Sunday. David Terrell might be needed to start at corner, after spending most of his time at safety. And fullback Rock Cartwright could see lots of time at running back.

But that remains to be seen: as of now, Terrell said he expects Rashad Bauman to play despite a sprained ankle. And running back Trung Canidate has maintained his optimism that he'll be able to play. He ran today at Redskins Park and remains optimistic.

``I have a lot to offer,'' Cartwright said. ``If they give me the ball I try to make things happen. And I make things happen when I have the ball. It's my speed and my vision to see the holes and make the right reads. That's the main thing. But I'm just here to help. Fullback is my job, but if they need me to take carries at running back or help Chad carry the load, I'm willing to do that.''

Terrell has played corner in nickel packages. Most of his big plays have come when he's played corner. But this time he'd likely be outside rather than lined up against the slot receiver.

``It would be difficult [to switch], because there are different mechanics at corner,'' Terrell said. ``For the most part we'd adjust our defense to make me feel comfortable in that position. But we have no choice at this stage so we have to go with what we've got.''

He said one thing that has helped is lining up as the scout team corner against Laveranues Coles and Rod Gardner.

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