Are You a CPND Club Member? is now offering an exclusive club service to its readers. With the club service, of course there will be quite a few questions. So, here are some FAQs that hopefully will help get you squared away on all the information you need to subscribe to the Club:

Exclusive content on will consist of insider stories with exclusive access to Redskins Insiders through an interactive web experience.

Why start charging now?
Exclusive club content is a new product that has been developed to provide more insightful inside information with an interactive twist

Is anything free anymore?
Yes. THIS SITE WILL REMAIN FREE, we are charging for the ADDITIONAL exclusive information we are posting. In the future, more bells and whistles will be added and this will become the ultimate "Redskins Insiders Club," where you will have access to these new features, like members-only chats and message boards that you will get direct answers to your questions on. Only those who pay for exclusive club content on the site will have access to those premium message boards and chat rooms.

Does that mean our current message boards will change?
No. We will continue to keep our free-for-all message boards going and our powerful chat room.

What other benefits are there?
When you sign up for the Club, you will have immediate access to our exclusive stories, our Club board AND the exclusive stories offered on other NFL sites in the network. We do not control their content and they do not control ours, so that content will be largely on a site-by-site basis as to what kind of stories you will be getting. However, other teams club message boards will NOT be accessable, just like those who did not sign up through will not be able to access your CPND Insiders Club boards.

Why subscribe?
There are two very good reasons to subscribe. First, subscribers receive exclusive content from the top website covering Washington Redskins Football. Members will get detailed updates on the Redskins, pictures, interviews, and inside information you won't find anywhere else. You will also have access to a premium message board. It's like a private club of Skins fans where inside and more sensitive information can be discussed.

Also, with your subscription you will be supporting If you are a casual fan but like's free features you don't need to subscribe, but by doing so, you ensure our continued existance and ability to provide the most comprehensive and timely coverage possible.

How much will it cost?
The Club is $5.95 per month or $59.95 for an annual subscription.

What will I get for it? What other features will I get with my subscription?
With the Insider's Club Pass you get access to the exclusive information, which is the best information you will find on the Washington Redskins. Over the next several months, more features will be added, including e-mail notification, among other things. You'll also get access to all the other NFL team premium stories as well.

How do I sign up?
Click on the Club Subscription Page and follow the easy sign-up instructions.

Where will I be able to access the stories?
The stories will be accessible in a couple of different places. You'll be able to access them like you would any other story that's displayed on the front page, only the exclusive stories will have a club next to their headline. There is also a premium story archive that you can reach from the left-hand navigation bar on the site.

Will every story be exclusive to Club members?
No. will still have a good number of free stories. It will be a 50-50 mix. Exclusive content is intended for the hardcore fan who wants detailed, or "insider" information on the Redskins through an interactive experience with Redskin Insiders.

If you have problems:

I can't get my password to work:
Over 99% of password problems are due to them not being typed in correctly. The password must be typed in exactly how it appears. The password is also case-sensitive. If you can't get it to work try copying it and pasting it in. Also, make sure you are using the correct password. You can have the password sent to you by going to the "Member Services" section in the left hand column and click on "login". Then click on the link to have your password sent to you.

I forgot my password:
You can have the password sent to you by going to the "Member Services" section in the left hand column and click on "login". Then click on the link to have your password sent to you.

How do I change my password or e-mail address?
Go to the "My Account" link found under Member Services on the left-hand column of this site. If you aren't already, log in. Then go to "Your Member Profile" and make the necessary updates. This is especially useful for those of you who have recently changed your e-mail address or want an easier password to remember.

If you cancel your subscription
If you do so within five days your account will not be charged.

If you are still having problems that can't be solved with the answers above:
E-mail us at

We want to thank everyone again for their continued support of

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