Only One W, Five Times

Why?<BR> Why has all of the promise of this season gone so bad? You can blame it on schemes, you can blame it on penalties, you can blame it on motivation. In training camp, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said, "This is a performance business." The fact is that the Redskins aren't performing in any phase of the game.

Why did the Redskins give up on the run? During the course of the game, the Redskins ran two plays in a row just twice, three times in a row once. It wasn't as if the running game was ineffective, they were gaining 5.6 yards a pop with no long gainers thrown in to inflate the average. Whatever they did, a straight handoff off up the middle, the quick pitch to get Chad Morton or Rock Cartwright outside, it worked. Perhaps Steve Spurrier wanted to keep the element of surprise in play.

Why do the Redskins keep on getting obscure rules pulled out of the book on them? There have been thousands of football games observed here and never has a flag been thrown for "jamming" the offensive signals. Not on a chip shot field goal where the defense would gain zero advantage in doing so, not in any other circumstances, ever. That goes right into the log with two feet inbounds and control of the ball don't equal a reception as we saw on the Laveranues Coles' late-game play against New England.

Why can't the Redskins protect Ramsey? In the same thousands of football games noted above, there has never been this much pressure applied to the passer by such a mediocre defense as was seen against the Cowboy, at least not since the game two weeks ago against Buffalo. Long yardage, short yardage, passing situations, running situations, audibles called and not called, it made no difference. The Cowboys were slamming Ramsey to the turf after virtually every single play.

Why doesn't Daniel Snyder just fire Spurrier right now and get a fresh start on things? After all, the Florida Marlins did pickup Jack McKeon in mid stream and go on to win it all. There are 15 million reasons why that won't happen; those are the remaining dollars left on Spurrier's contract.

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