Ask Matt Bowen

Don't give up on us yet because we haven't given up on the season. We still need the fans behind us. (Editor's note: Matt can't, and won't, answer questions about the offense for obvious reasons, especially if you're asking him to point fingers. Please be respectful with your questions. Most of you have been.)

From: Kerry
Q: Before the snap and right after the snap, as a safety what is your focus?

A: The first thing I do is check the splits of the receivers. it's almost like a triangle. You're in the middle and you read off from the receivers to the offensive line to the quarterback. Same thing off the snap.

From: Paul C.
Q: Is it hard to block out the extracurricular stuff that goes on here?

A: You're going to notice it. You notice it but you don't. No matter what they say you still have an opportunity to play every week, no matter how bad or how good they say we are

From: Matt
Q: With the parity in this league, is it easy to get in and out of a rut?

A: Yeah it's very easy. The best example was Tennessee last year, or even the Jets. Both of them were 2-5, I think. If you go on a roll in this league you stay in a roll.

From: Chris
Q: As you're standing in the tunnel, what are you emotions like?

A: I'm pretty relaxed. I usd to get real fired up, but it just makes you tired. Those first couple plays, if you're really high strung you could be sucking gas pretty quick. I stand there, clearing my head, envision good things happening and just enjoy the moment.

From: Stephan
Q: How much would it take for a defense to stop blitzing?

A: If you get beat for one touchdown on a blitz, you start backing off. If you get beat for two you shut it down. That's what I would think as an offensive coach, that if we could beat them twice they'd back off. Or even on simple things like if you throw it underneath and the guy misses a tackle and if you're in a cover zero blitz, there's no one left to tackle him. Blitzing is great and fun, but there's a lot of risks involved.

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