Redskins Park Update: Tuesday

Sunday wasn't the first time offensive coordinator Hue Jackson called the majority of plays for the Redskins. He also did so against Buffalo in the 24-7 loss. But, from what we hear, the difference this time is that Jackson was given more notice about his new duties before the Seattle game.

The first time, he was supposedly told on the Thursday before the game, giving him little time to tweak the game plan to his liking. This time he was told Wednesday, giving him time to have more input during the week. But we also hear Sunday's game plan largely was Steve Spurrier's.

. . . Rock Cartwright is not your typical back when it comes to size. Not at 5-foot-7. But Cartwright doesn't run like a little man; he runs hard and he is physical.

Whether or not he can be effective the rest of the season is uncertain. But he showed Sunday that he can help at running back. Actually he helped a lot more than Trung Canidate. And it's amazing to me that Cartwright averages 4.3 yards per carry (same as Canidate) considering that nearly one-third of his 36 carries have come on third and one or fourth and one.

What Cartwright does that Canidate doesn't do is break tackles. And, for all of Canidate's speed, he doesn't make many big plays. We'll cut him some slack for playing on a less than 100 percent ankle Sunday. But, still, he's touched the ball from scrimmage 82 times and has only two plays between 22-25 yards.

``He broke tackles,'' Redskins offensive coordinator Hue Jackson said of Cartwright. ``The biggest thing a runner has to do in this league is break tackles and make plays. When you can break a tackle and give us an extra three or four yards, it's invaluable to an offense.''

Also, Cartwright's experience at fullback helps him when he plays tailback. Most fullbacks aren't quick enough to make a difference at running back. But Cartwright is.

``I can anticipate the crease opening,'' he said. ``And the physical part helps you because you're so used to banging and taking those hits. Now from seven yards away you might be able to make someone miss. Then there's the opportunity for a big play.''

Not all backs can do that.

``He likes the contact,'' Jackson said. ``He expects the contact and he doesn't shy away from it. That's the way you have to be when you play tailback. He's done a very good job for us.''

. . . Think the players notice how much the crowd groans every time quarterback Patrick Ramsey calls an audible? They do. At least sometimes. One linemen said he turned to the person next to him and said, ``Hey, do you hear that, they're booing!''

Receiver Rod Gardner's 10-yard touchdown pass to Canidate is one of five nominations for the NFL Play of the Week on Fans can vote for their favorite play of the week at The other four plays: Tampa Bay's Keenan McCardell's one-handed 36-yard touchdown reception from Brad Johnson; Carolina's Steve Smith's game-winning 5-yard touchdown reception from Jake Delhomme; Jacksonville's Fred Taylor's game-winning 32-yard touchdown run; and the Jets' Santana Moss' 65-yard touchdown reception from Chad Pennington.

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