Ask Matt Bowen

I hope that win made you feel as good as it made us feel. Hopefully we can make it two in a row against Carolina. One thing I like about our team is that we've stuck together. I've heard reports of finger pointing going on in Green Bay and Miami and some other places. That hasn't happened here.

From: Hilltopper Boy
Q: How are you since your injury? Will you be back 100% soon? We hope so.

A: Yeah, I'm back to 100 percent. It was just a mild concussion and I was checked out by the doctor. As of Thursday I feel 100 percent.

From: Unspecified
Q: How important an addition to the team is Darrell Russell going to be?

A: It could be very important. He's a hell of a player, a good guy to have on the team. He's very intelligent and he's a guy who makes plays for us. His size is important. I played with Gilbert Brown the last two years and it's nice to have a big uy in there no matter what.

From: Ajay
Q: Whats up matt? Just wanted to ask if the team is still together, or is there some finger pointing going on?

A: No, that hasn't happened here because this is a team who enjoys each other's company. We have a good time in the locker room and off the field. We're what a team stands for. We stick together in good times and bad times.

From: Adam
Q: I just want to compliment on your great game play. Tell the guys to hang in there and remember this game is played a game at a time and before you know it we'll be in the playoffs. Make sure Spurrier stays for his entire term as head coach i have all the faith in the world i hope u guys do too. Good Luck I'll be watching and hoping.

A: Thanks Adam.

From: Chris
Q: When you have an injury like the one you had, do you ever get concerned? And what did it feel like?

A: No. Head injuries are something you don't take lightly, but you could walk through your house and a clock could fall on your head. Anything can happen. If you play passively you endanger yourself more. If you play 100 percent sometimes stuff just happens. And that was one of those things that just happened. I was playing hard and trying to keep [Mack Strong] out of the end zone. I just hit my head the wrong way. As for the second part of the question, have you ever drank about 20 Budweisers? Anytime you get a concussion you're not in the right state. It's like you're at home sleepwalking. You're there, but you're not.

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