Whisper Room

There's no love lost between Redskins coach Marty Schottenheimer and the team's minority owner, Fred Drasner. All season we've heard that Drasner hasn't liked Schottenheimer and his methods. He doesn't like that Marty has complete control.

Now we hear that Drasner is already investigating ways to fire Schottenheimer without having to pay him the rest of his salary. If they somehow can claim insubordination--and they'd have to somehow goad him into it--the owners might have a case. Otherwise, they won't.

Regardless, Drasner is telling friends that they bought a ''bag of s---'' when it comes to Schottenheimer.

Of course, all the Redskins must do is turn around a dreadful season. Then all talk would have to cease. If owner Daniel Snyder made a move then, he'd be an even bigger joke around the league. And what quality coach would work for him?

. . . Wonder what Ki-Jana Carter was doing rushing the passer? So was he. He'd never done it before--at any level. Yet the first time he did it, he tipped the punt. Only a boneheaded play by teammate Central McClellion prevented Washington from benefitting from Carter's heroics.

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